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Pamela Olson is the Ski Utah Food Blogger. Pamela Martinson Olson is a freelance writer and former executive editor of Utah Homes & Garden magazine. A native Utahn, she grew up drawn to the natural world, camping in and hiking the state’s deserts and high mountain peaks. A birdwatcher and fly fisher, she’s become a passionate skier over the last few years, seeing mountains and snowstorms in an entirely different light. Pam will be writing about food, restaurants, and aprés.

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Let Your Taste Buds Roll

by Pam's Plate

They’ve been seen across America, taking over street corners and wooing people with their flavor-packed, portable creations. Food trucks today are not the lunch wagons of an earlier age, but roving battalions of haute bites, captained by innovative chefs handing out gourmet goodness to go.

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