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Farmville to Canyons Table: Food for Skiers

  • Slide Ridge Honey
  • Lunch at Slide Ridge
  • Mountain Valley Trout
  • Rock Hill Creamery
  • Slide Ridge Honey

I'm not a foodie. I'm not even a good cook. So when Canyons invited me on an Artisan Farm Tour with Executive Chef John Murcko, I was skeptical that my palate was not refined enough. 

But I decided to take the tour, and determine why my audience (skiers), should care where Canyons gets their food.

Let me give you some background. The Talisker Restaurants aren't your typical mountain burger shacks. We are talking about Talisker on Main, a restaurant named best in Park City two years running; and The Farm, voted best new restaurant in the state, both by Salt Lake Magazine. Slopes, Bistro, Red Tail, I mean, too many phenomenal options to choose from!

Canyons Resort has seriously raised the bar with their on-slope dining options. How do I know?

Initially the first thing I experienced was Executive Chef John Murcko's passion. Even the car ride was a learning experience for me. Talking amongst the journalists and foodies on the trip, I learned his commitment goes beyond the food to the factual concept that what we eat matters. Not only should it be delicious, we want the best of the best.

Utah has a lot to offer. On our trip from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to families making cheese, raising lamb and trout, and bottling honey - it changed the way I thought about food. Everything was fresh, clean, local, and I felt this connection to the purity of the concept. I was starting to look at the food in a whole new way, the way it should be!

The contemporary mountain cuisine Chef Murcko creates is exceptional. The use of our local purveyors matters. As a skier, you should put your body, your health, and even your community first. I can't tell you how great I felt after two days of this fresh, local food. I went home and couldn't bring myself to eat anything out of a box. Often we rush from a few fresh powder laps to an afternoon behind a desk where we'll end up full of unsatisfying fast food. Imagine, I thought, keeping this new mentality about eating with me this year. My body will thank me!

Yours will too. Whether you are a local or tourist, be sure to try many of the fantastic dining options we have in Park City and on the slopes of Canyons. With ever changing menus, the experience will be new, and unforgettable, every time.

Here is a link to all my photos of the journey.

Farms we visited:

Zoe's Garden

Slide Ridge Honey

Mountain Valley Trout

Rock Hill Creamery

Willis Ranch

I look forward also to the Farmer's Market at Canyons now. Starting next Wednesday June 6th through mid-October, 12:00pm - 6:00pm, you'll find me hunting for fresh, local food options. Hope I see you there, or at one of the restaurants, soon!

Powderhound Cat


Alice's picture
Alice posted 1 year ago

What I love about farm is the fresh air, tons of fruits and the frenzy ambiance! Oh I miss vacation

Matt - Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt - Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 1 year ago

Cat great blog! I'd have to say Talisker on Main is probably my favorite of them all! People should try out Red Tail Grill at the base of the Canyons if they are looking for great Apres Ski food and booze. Their margaritas are awesome! I may have sampled just a couple of those this spring. Each one comes dusted with some sort of exotic sea salt!

Sofia - WinterStays's picture
Sofia - WinterStays posted 1 year ago

Sounds perfect! Local produce is the way to go, everything tastes so much better and is more fresh.
I especially enjoy getting my milk and cheese from the local farmer.

Powderhound Cat's picture
Powderhound Cat posted 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words y'all! Glad to share the story of the great fresh farming and healthy local, organic food Utah offers.

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