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It’s here! The prelude to snow! Well, it has snowed it Utah. Life is officially the way it should be. The movie trailers were everywhere, and now we get to go see the movies and give reviews to help share the stoke.

Level1 held the premiere of “Sunny” in SLC at the Depot. It was my first time there. What an awesome place to see a show! I hope some of you were there with me. If you attend a movie this good, you need to have a plan.

*Get there early. My friends that were late missed the best stuff: autographs, swag raffles, a DJ, and the short line to the bar.

*Bring cool company. I love knowing exactly who is going to be the most psyched to watch the movie debut. And who will wait in the long beer line. And who will take fun photos.

*Meet the cast. Fact: your son taking a photo with Tom Wallisch and Mike Hornbeck will get him to the cool kids table at lunch for at least a week.

*Watch the movie. It sounds silly, but there is a lot going on. Don’t forget the best part! However, if you miss anything, just remember to buy the DVD.

*Get pumped. From Hornbeck’s opening segment to the trips to Turkey and BC, Level1 delivered. No way to keep from hollering and getting seriously excited. There was urban. There was park. There was backcountry powder. "You can have whatever you like..."

Mad props to Level1 for a serious flick, a great party, and a movie that is raking in awards. Go see premieres! And buy “Sunny”. Awesome film you can watch again and again.

There are many more movie premieres to catch at a theatre near you. Here are ski/shred movies on the Ski Utah Yeti's radar.

*Let it snow*

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Après Adam's picture
Après Adam posted 1 year ago

Nice write-up. I'm glad someone remembered the movie. My memory is still a little hazy. Fun venue and after-party though.
I took your advice and bought the movie on iTunes. Awesome movie, probably my favorite so far this season.

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