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Problems After Solitude Mountain Spa

  • Problems After Solitude Mountain Spa
  • Problems After Solitude Mountain Spa

So. I brought all these great friends to Solitude the other day and spent the whole morning skiing.

img_0895 (img_0895)

That afternoon, I headed over to the Solitude Mountain Spa in the Inn at Solitude.

Here are the problems I have now that I let that happen:

1. I need a dry sauna in my house.

Have you ever sat in a sauna after skiing? I hadn’t. And, I wish I hadn’t. Because now that’s what I want to do every day after skiing for the rest of my life. It was heavenly.

2. I am so chill.

Same question, have you ever had a massage after skiing? I hadn’t. I had no idea how bad I needed one. But I learned. I actually was told by my fabulous massage therapist to wait a day before telling you how I feel. Which was spot on, because I skied today too, and I skied better, had no soreness or stiffness, and feel amazing right now. Who expects to learn tips like that at the spa?

3. I can’t stop talking about Solitude.

The mountain is everything that I love, intimate, and inviting for skiers. The spa was no different. It’s simplicity and direct desire to focus on me was right in line with the whole philosophy of the mountain itself.

4. My friends are jealous.

Sure, they were ripping Honeycomb Canyon the entire time I was enjoying my rest and relaxation, and therefore had nothing to complain about, but now the secret is out, they all have to go back and try the spa out now.

5. There are such good deals, I can’t decide what to pick for next time.

Check out these great offers. Should I do the afternoon treatment and dinner or the girls day? I want both.

Or, here’s something even better: mention the Ski Utah Yeti or Powderhound Cat (that’s me! I have a spa deal!) and get 10% off a menu item


*Let it snow*


Powderhound Cat


Torey's picture
Torey posted 3 years ago

Great post and info Cat! xo

Tom's picture
Tom posted 3 years ago

Just wanted to piggyback here for those who have yet to ski Solitude. My name is Tom and I'm the guy in the far left of the upper pic. I was fortunate enough to have met Cat through a mutual friend on my first night in Utah. She indicated that she was going to ski Solitude the follwing morning and was more than happy to invite us to tag along. So Solitude was my first ski experience in Utah and what an experience it was.
Let me start by saying that I am from the east coast and am quite used to waiting in line for at least ten minutes to get on a lift. Not the case at Solitude. Although I'm sure I witnessed alot of happy folks skiing the mountain, they somehow managed to sprout wings and fly to the top I guess. I say this because every time I skied down to the lift I got right on without waiting a second. All day long it was as if we had this gorgeous resort all to ourselves.
For the first half of the day we stuck to the lower part of the mountain so that everyone could get their ski legs. Cat was more than accomadating and an excellent guide. She pointed out and led us down the best Solitude had to offer and had no problems with waiting for the less experienced skiers to catch up. Cat goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is having a great time.
The conditions were stellar and the Solitude staff was very friendly. Even more impressive about Solitude was the lunch we had at the lodge. I was beyond impressed with the pulled pork burrito I had. Honestly it was heavenly and a sizable portion as well. A far cry from the hockey puck burgers we are used to back east.
The second half of the day we spend skiing from the top of the summit lift through the headwall forest. To say that we encountered some epic lines down the hill would be an understatement. Some of it felt like we had just hiked a secret "locals only" cache.
What a wonderful indroduction to all that Utah has to offer. Thank you Cat. Your knowledge and enthusiasm made our trip far exceed our expectations.
So if you see Cat out on the hill try to keep up. She shouldn't be difficult to spot with her ear to ear grin, stunning beauty, and sporadic "WOOHOO"s. She is someone who truelly loves what she does and we love her for that! Solitude, "I'll be back.".

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