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THE PASS PROBLEM: More Options Than Ever!

  • THE PASS PROBLEM: More Options Than Ever!
  • THE PASS PROBLEM: More Options Than Ever!

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Happy it’s almost winter, y’all!

I am so ready for the leaves to change, the chill to take over the air, and the inevitable transition of ski gear from storage to close to the door closet. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We’ve got a new landscape emerging in Utah, which means great new choices for you to plan the winter. How do you choose?

Here are my Top Ten suggestions of things to consider when choosing your season pass:

1. How close is the resort to your favorite apres spot?

2. How much screen time did the resort clock in the ski movies debuting this fall?

3. What is the price/quality ratio of their chili cheese fries?

4. How far is that walk from the parking lot, in ski boots, to the shreddable snow?

5. How many eager and happy bros flag you every 5 feet to let you know which oversized rental to park next to?

6. How willing is the nice lady taking your pass picture doing something really, really silly?

7. How many other mountains can your pass access? Are you EPIC? Collective? Silver? GOLD???

8. How does the hill party come END of season? Is there a keg hidden in the woods? On the top of the tallest peak? On the tram? Skimming a pond? you even party?

9. Where is that cute girl from your new BIO class that told you she rips going?

10. When do they open? That white ribbon in November is a big help to the day count log. Gotta break the record.

I mean, I’m sure value and proximity and culture and what your friends are doing matter, but let’s be real, the answers to this list are what bring the grins, the laughs, the high fives. Every day on the mountain is better than the last when you are in Utah. So, where will I see you this season?


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat



Guy Laroche's picture
Guy Laroche posted 7 months ago

I am planning a ski trip to Utah from the 5th to the 16th of january. I am wondering if at that time of the year i'd better skip the Powder Mountain/Snowbasin area for the lack of snow.
Guy Laroche

Tom Keyes's picture
Tom Keyes posted 7 months ago

Plan your trip to Utah and remember that the Wasatch front has 11 resorts all within easy driving distance. While some resorts might possibly be lacking in the snow department others may not be. Snow Basin / Powder Mountain typically have really good snow in January. Every year is different and with that, every year brings new opertunity to explore a different rsort in Utah. Southern Utah has GREAT skiing , Eagle point in the Beaver area,Brian Head in the Cedar city area.and up north, Beaver mountain is a wonderful place to slash the mountain as well. So plan plan plan thet vacation and ......

Gary's picture
Gary posted 6 months ago

When you get there just take in the sight. Believe in yourself and hit the slope. Go as fast as you can and never look back.

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