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Weekend Wackiness

I recently got a chance to ski with a huge group of friends, and their friends, and their family, and the friends of the get the idea.

Many of them had (a) never been to Utah and (b) never been skiing.

Thankfully my buddy Marc strapped on a GoPro and recorded the fun.

Here's my list of reasons you should watch (and enjoy) this movie:

1. Lots of falling down.

2. Funny soundtrack.

3. It's not a Harlem Shake repeat. 

4. This is what you show your friends. The ones that aren't sure it'll be fun. The ones that wonder if every day is like Matt's videos and think that might be TOO much. I know they exist. They tell me. You can be a beginner, ski some amazing runs, laugh, dance, and have fun. Bonus snowmobiling, tubing, and endless other options when you're done. Utah is the whole package for all types of skiers. Powderhounds and beyond.

Filmed at Canyons, Deer Valley, Gorgoza Park, and in the Uintas.

No clumsy skiers or children or snow angels were harmed in the making of this video.


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat


Kirby Ladd's picture
Kirby Ladd posted 1 year ago

This video is great!! Goofing off with my friends while skiing is the best, even when the conditions aren't the greatest. I want to go with all of you next time, where do I sign up? : )

Aaron Miller's picture
Aaron Miller posted 1 year ago

Great video! Enjoyed it.

Chris's picture
Chris posted 1 year ago

Great video :) What is the song that is playing in the background?

Melissa's picture
Melissa posted 1 year ago

Love this song, I think it's Wallpaper - BEST SONG EVERRR

Powderhound Cat's picture
Powderhound Cat posted 1 year ago

Melissa is right! Wallpaper - Best Song Ever. Kind of a fun silly soundtrack huh?

Vanessa Pierce's picture
Vanessa Pierce posted 1 year ago

Cat, love the silliness...much more to skiing than just powder.

Powderhound Cat's picture
Powderhound Cat posted 1 year ago

Thanks so much for your comment Vanessa! Skiing encompasses so much fun to me beyond powder shots. Even though those are the best.

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