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Getting the kids dressed to's about the "gobbles"

by Mountain Mama

Now that the snow is hitting, time to get the kids ready to ski!! A BIG thank you to SKI' N SEE here in Utah for outfitting us in everything we'll need to have a safe and fun ski season.
As we arrive, kids are in rare form and ready to go. The hardest part with the little ones is trying to get them to put the boots on and liking the boots. After all, we all know the ski boots aren't the most comfortable boots in the world. Bren and Em were very willing to sit for a minute as their feet were measured. I learned to take the liners OUT of the boots and stick their feet in works great. You should be able to put a finger length behind the heel to get the right fit. Also, NEVER wear cotton socks...they hold moisture. If you are on vacation and can't get some ski socks, your dress socks will be OK. Polyester is OK, but cotton is the worst. So, we got some new socks for the kids so their feet will be comfortable.
I also asked "why no poles"? Well, it is better for them to learn and get their balance without them, so they don't get dependant on them to get down the hill. Hmmm, maybe that's my problem.
Since we're new at this thing and the kids are so young, height isn't as big of deal as their weight; so when you head in to rent your skis, pop them on the scale real quick. I feel comfortable in looking at their skis and seeing they are TINY!! Yea...protective Mom :)

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