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Brenny and Mom ski The Bird and talking Utah weather

by Mountain Mama

I'm going to cover 2 different topics. A quick synopsis of my background: I am a Meteorologist. I have been in the broadcast industry for nearly 20 years (OK, I'm aging myself) and until recently, worked full time as the main Meteorologist for the Fox affiliate here in Salt Lake. I know do freelance weather for the local NBC affiliate in SLC. I'm telling you this because I'd like to give you a little info on SLC weather and a little mountain Meteorology and why Utah really has "The Greatest Snow on Earth".
Second topic will be one of the best ski days I've ever had! A powder day at Snowbird with a 3 year old staying on the Chickadee lift and watching him have such a great time! A mother/son day of skiing and lunch...doesn't get any better or make me more proud!

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