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32 Day at Brighton

32-brightonday09-1jpg-450x582 (32-brightonday09-1jpg-450x582)

Umm... Banked slalom. How cool is that.

2nd, Brighton will feature the 32nd annual banked slalom and 3.2 rail
jam. The Banked Slalom will run down evergreen to milly lodge and will
feature 32 mind blowing bumps and berms. The 3.2 rail jam features 3
rails and 2 boxes front row seats at milly lodge (heckling encouraged)!!

Over $320 in prize money, $32 lift tickets all day long. Awards
ceremony promptly at 4:32. Intense after party at molly greens!!
Sponsored by Brighton, Milo and ThirtyTwo.

Date: 3-2-09

Place: Brighton, Utah

Registration: 8:30-10:00am

Event Kicks off at 10:30am

If you are looking for a cheap day at Brighton, this might be the ticket.

For more info check out or

Brighton Terrain Park Blog .