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Avalanche Awareness Week: Avalanche dogs in action

When I started my project for Avalanche Awareness Week, I wanted to do a segment with Avalanche dogs.  My kids love them and everytime we are at any of the resorts, they have to point out..."there is a rescue dog".  Being part of the media, I've also watched demonstrations in parking lots of dogs doing their thing.  But, this past week, I caught up with a ski patroller at Brighton who narrated the dog's actions.  What was most fascinating was how the dog ran by all of us watching, including the kids, but didn't stop to play.... he had a job.

The Utah Avalanche Cener has such great information on their website and is a great resource for anyone heading into the backcountry.  If you think your kids are too young to learn about the backcountry, think again.  I've been talking all week with Emiy and Brennan about how we prepare and they have taken a lot in!


Elise's picture
Elise posted 2 years ago

Thanks for all the hard work:)

Becky Wright's picture
Becky Wright posted 2 years ago

I really appreciate you guys, you are awesome!

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Park Rat Tom posted 2 years ago


Vacation Quest's picture
Vacation Quest posted 2 years ago

We all should be care-full.Value of life shouldn't be neglected.

Jodi's picture
Jodi posted 2 years ago

I'm just wondering how else to get the word out to keep us from having these fatalities? Such great skiing inside the resorts.

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