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First turns of the season at Brighton!

  • Bren ready for the first big run
  • Emily doing the sled thing.
  • Buddies at Brighton!
  • Brens signature pose

As predicted, snow hit this week in Utah giving the ski resorts a big boost from Mother Nature and the kids some excitement!  Anywhere from 12"-42" hit Utahs mountains.

As documented last year, Brennan became a snowboarder.  It has been all about the board all summer and the moment arrived yesterday as I woke him up.  Here's the conversation:

Me:  I have a big surprise

Bren:  Don't tell me, I have it in my brain and I know what you're going to say

Me: What is it?


Me:  YES

Bren: (while pumping his arms and running to the window)  Yes, I can get my snowboard out!!

So, I packed up the car...again..with sleds, Brens snowboard, a cooler of snacks and phone calls to friends and headed to the mountains.  I've also mentioned I am a Meteorologist and do fill in weather and family reporting for KSL and am including the link from last year at Brighton early season.  Needless to say, the snow was AWESOME and the kids had a great time!  The best moment...when other people up there recognized Brennan  I'll let the video and pictures tell the story.


Powderhound Matt's picture
Powderhound Matt posted 1 year ago

Bren SHREDS!!!!!

Jason's picture
Jason posted 1 year ago

haha love the video - Bren really does rock! :)

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