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A Day in the Life of a Ski Resort GM

Have you ever asked your favorite Utah resort General Manager what
he does all day?  You might be surprised at how busy these guys are and
how sometimes meetings and running a resort can get in the way of
skiing pow all the time (wouldn't that be the dream?!)

img00036-20090319-1139-775023 (img00036-20090319-1139-775023)I was over at the Powder Mountain blog
and was surprised to see a blog post written by Gregg Greer, the self
proclaimed "Master of Stoke" and General Manger of Powder Mountain.  On
March 24 he spent the entire day lapping the Hidden Lake Express, 52
times to be exact.

At the end of it all he had racked up 67,600 vertical feet skied.
Better than that were the 52 trips up the lift that he shared with
Powder Mountain skiers, the kind of meetings that often make the
longest lasting impressions.

Check out his write up and the "buddy" photos at

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