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Lots of Lifts to Open

There are 3 major lift openings tomorrow.  If only I could clone
myself twice to hit all three of them.  If you happen to get to any of
these openings please chime in on the comments and let me know how it

  1. Snowbasin
    - The John Paul high speed quad is set to open tomorrow morning.  With
    13" last night and 14" the night before  it's sure to be a great
    opening.  John Paul is one of the steepest elevation gaining high speed
    quads in the country and certainly one of my favorite places to find
    stashes of powder
  2. Powder Mountain
    - Little did I realize just how much the Hidden Lake high speed quad
    would change the feel of Powder Mountain when it opened last year but
    oh my, it's worth the trip if you've not been there lately.  If you
    happen to hit Powder Mountain on a weekday when a majority of the
    locals are giving the man his due, you'll be lapping Hidden Lake like
    it's your own private resort
  3. Deer Valley
    - The day has come for the new Lady Morgan high speed quad to finally
    open.  Introducing 200 new acres of skiing on 5 runs this east facing
    lift will surely be a powder stash worth finding your way to.  Just
    beyond the Empire Lift on the western edge of Deer Valley, Lady Morgan
    could become your mistress.

I'm headed to Deer Valley to check out the new terrain.  I caught a
glimpse of it from Park City Mountain Resort today and it is calling to
me.  Like I said, if you happen to hit John Paul at Snowbasin or Hidden
Lake at Powder Mountain leave a comment below on how good it was.

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