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Snows Pound Utah Resorts...Finally

Whoa, the past few days have been the type when nothing gets done, includibcc_powder (bcc_powder)ng
blogging. If you've lived in a ski town you know what I'm talking
about. The long awaited storm arrives and it's game on. Laundry piles
up like the snow drifts, bills go unpaid, work gets put off for
tomorrow which turns into next week and even showers become optional.
When the snow flies like is did this past weekend only the essentials
get done - eat, shovel out the car, ski, eat, sleep...repeat.

The northwest flow was favorable to the Cottonwood Canyon areas but
all resorts picked up needed snow. Storm totals from the resorts ranged
from 23" up north at Snowbasin to a whopping 44" at Solitude where 1/2 of that storm total fell within a 24 hour period.

Snowbird put up a video
of the 32" in 48 hours that they received and it's sure to make you
salivate if you missed out on the fun. I spoke with a buddy today who
was up at Alta and said there was still areas in Lone Pine and lower
Rustler where he was finding leftovers on the sides.

Here's a sampling of what 22" in 24 hours looks like, from Solitude Mountain Resort.

Keep your eyes on the Eye Candy Gallery at Solitude for more video's like the one above.


"They" say that we're expecting another storm Thursday into Friday
and I'm headed to Snowbird on Friday. Looking forward to some powder
turns at Snowbird and will post a report on that. There's still time to
make it out to Utah for the weekend - Snowbird is only 30 minutes from
the airport. C'mon, dooooo it!

--photo credit by Josh Rhea, Ski Utah Blog contributor