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Alta Ski Patrol doing their thing, so we can do ours!

  • Deep Powder
  • Baldy Shoulder

On Tuesday morning, I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  In the past, I've never been fortunate enough to actually get the shot of ski patrol thrwoing hand charges on the slopes while doing thier avalanche control work.  On Tuesday morning, from the top of the Wildcat and Collins Chair Lifts at Alta , I was able to watch ski patrol in action. Patrol was prepping Ballroom and Baldy Shoulder so all that all the powder crazed skiers could have a fun and safe afternoon skiing powder. Once they completed their patrol routes the powder frenzy was on! Remember people, ski patrol is out there day in and day out, doing an extremely dangerous job, all so that we can enjoy the mountain safetly. Don't be afraid to say thanks from time to time. Remember these are the people keeping you and I safe! On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for all the awesome ski patrollers we have here in Utah. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Oh and if you haven't heard already the Tram is set to run on Thanksgiving over at Snowbird! Who is with me?





Jess's picture
Jess posted 2 years ago

Thanks Matt-
Great reminder to thank the ski patrol!
See you on the slopes soon!

backcountry pete's picture
backcountry pete posted 2 years ago

thank them for having the best job on earth? :)
by the way, love the new chili peppers!

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Helmets armor posted 2 years ago

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