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"Brutus" - The Lake Effect Machine!

Resorts all around the intermountain west can claim Winter Storm Brutus delivered the goods, but nowhere is this more true than in Utah.  The forecast: 1-2 feet of snow with some areas getting as much as 3 feet. The reality: Alta got 52" Snowbird, 50" BrightonSolitude, Park City, Deer Valley and the Canyonsall 30" plus!. The Lake Effect Snow Machine kicked into high gear... making the 6 to 12 inches in Colorado seem almost insignificant.  (With all due respect to my neighbors to the East.)


And... when we get that kind of dumping in Utah, apparently the mountains become dance central. I must have caught five or ten people breaking it down in the parking lots, on the ski slopes or even behind the wheel (in my case.) Yes, it's kind of ridiculous, but monster snowstorms will make you do crazy things. If absurd moves like ours keep the flakes flying... I say, keep on dancing! 


What an incredible way to start a season.



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mark posted 1 year ago


Mary S's picture
Mary S posted 1 year ago

Pant Pant! You guys are killing me. Can't wait to get there in Feb. -PowPow sister

Bob's picture
Bob posted 1 year ago

I can't wait till Feb. Need to find some way to get there before then. I hate having to wait!

Dave's picture
Dave posted 1 year ago

Ok. That's It. I'm Coming!

Jason's picture
Jason posted 1 year ago

oh awesome video!!! would LOVE to be there skiing!! :D

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