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Day 110 - May 29th Alta Powder Day!

Yes, it's still snowing at Alta and no, we are not at all sick of it. If it continues to snow the Powder Posse will continue to ski well into summer.  We live for this sort of stuff. 

If you’re wondering just how much snow fell this week, well my first hand account would put Alta at about 7” Tuesday night and 2” Wednesday night. Not bad for the last days of May. 


Dirk Veenis's picture
Dirk Veenis posted 10 months ago

Please advise who the musician and/or CD is singing behind the video. Thanks, Dirk

Barbara's picture
Barbara posted 10 months ago

Wonderful! am sitting on my patio enjoying the sun, but your clip brought back great memories of the snow.
Keep on slidin!

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