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Deepest days of the Year in Park City!

Last Monday Park City Mountain Resort reported 15" in 15 hours and the place was a ghost town. Needless to say I was shocked, so when it started puking snow Monday morning I figured the Powderhounds would be out in full force, embracing what could be the last real taste of winter in Park City. That just wasn't the case. Monday skied like a private resort, like we were Cat Skiing or something, there literally wasn't a soul around. Tuesday was a bit different. After reporting 18" those still left in town got after it! While not even close to crowded, those that were there hand an incredible amount of energy! People were getting after it Tuesday! At this rate April may turn out to be our snowiest month of the season, go figure. Not to worry though Snowbird plans to stay open through May! 



Matt Baydala
Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound
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daven kaopua's picture
daven kaopua posted 1 year ago

Why did you pick pc over other resorts? How do you decide where to go? call snowphone in morning to each resort to see who got most?

Matt Baydala's picture
Matt Baydala posted 1 year ago

Well Daven, I check out multiple sources but first and foremost use the Ski Utah Snow Report. I have it emailed to me first thing every morning. Usually arrives in your in box by 630 am. Second, I use the National Weather Service in Salt Lake mobile page called, "Snow on the Go" There you can find multiple weather stations around the Wasatch range. You can how much snow has fallen at multiple stations like Jupiter (PC), Alta Collins, and WildCat (Snowbasin). This way you can see how much the resort is actually receiving since the resort has closed. You need to remember that for the snow report it's a 24 hour total so there is the potential that all that snow came the previous day. That's why I like to check the weather stations as well. Hope this helps! If none of this makes sense just check my facebook page. I usually try and ski the deepest snow in the state and I'm pretty good about letting everyone know where and when I'm going. For example be at Snowbird early next week. It's going to be good!

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