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Deer Valley Mountain Biking

How do you spend your Wednesdays? We've been spending ours riding down the mountain at Deer Valley. The majority of Park City mountain bikers choose to ride uphill, then downhill, but it's been a long, hot summer, so last Wednesday we decided to treat ourselves. Instead of enduring the brutal workout of climbing uphill, we decied to purchase a Deer Valley lift pass for the day.  A full day pass costs $36 and can be purchased at Snow Park, Silver Lake or Empire Lodge. More often than not, during the summer months we are working on building up our endurance so we can go on longer rides, but this type of riding really helps to build more technical riding confidence. Deer Valley offers tons of trails where you can take your cross country bikes, however trails such as Homeward Bound and Nail Driver over features that are technical and better suited to a downhill bike.  My cross country bike and I can only handle so much, so the next time I step up to the lifts the plan is to rent a downhill bike. Downhill bikes can also be rented at Silver Lake and Snow Park.  

If you are out riding and snap any shots from Behind the Handlebars then you might as well enter Teva's cool contest #BehindTheHandlebars.


umph's picture
umph posted 1 year ago

what happened at the 1:20 mark? ;)
only 4 days left to spend your Tuesday evenings casually racing the race series, all at Solitude: Come on up Matt, I've got your plate and reg fee for the first one

Matt Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 1 year ago

Crash... I wasn't waiting to see how long it would take for someone to figure that out.

Selkirk Mountaineering's picture
Selkirk Mountaineering posted 1 year ago

Wow that looks like so much fun!

Personal Protective Equipment Dryers's picture
Personal Protective Equipment Dryers posted 1 year ago

love this blog, so many awesome posts. keep them coming!

Matt SkiUtah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt SkiUtah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 1 year ago

Thanks so much! Glad you are enjoying.

Used Ski Boots's picture
Used Ski Boots posted 1 year ago

How do you get the bike up there in the first place ? very cool how long is the ride down ?

Matt Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 1 year ago

Well you can ride your bike up hill which can take anywhere from 2 -5 hours or you can take the Chair lifts at the resort which takes about 5 min. Your call!

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bicycling dvd posted 1 year ago

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cycling training video posted 1 year ago

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