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First Powder Turns of the Season!

Well it's finally here! Ski season has officially arrived here in Utah. More often than not, I start my ski season at Alta but this year Mother Nature threw us a curve ball. Have no fear we knocked it out of the park! Powder Mountain got absolutely hammered Monday night. Easily two feet of snow fell and Adam and I got after it. I'm pretty sure our facial expressions tell the tale of the day. We couldn't be more excited that ski season has finally started in Utah! With more snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. . . looks like there will be powder smiles all over Utah.

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Mary S's picture
Mary S posted 1 year ago

I'm jealous! Be back in Feb. for the season. Bring it on, baby.

Richard's picture
Richard posted 1 year ago

I want to go to there

Believer's picture
Believer posted 1 year ago

For so long now, with the heat melting my winter day dreams I had almost given up on the snow season - but this, this epic fact of Utah nature, this beautiful piece of inspiration filled with a piece of time celebrated with frozen grins, this was brings my bi-polar - winter / summer - personality back to the frontal cortex. Thank You

Mark's picture
Mark posted 1 year ago

Cant see video... Cant find it on your tube either.

The Yeti's picture
The Yeti posted 1 year ago

Hey Mark, it is located on YouTube here:

Logan Crest's picture
Logan Crest posted 1 year ago

Logan Canyon (Tony's Grove) is awesome too... But PowMow seriously takes it... WOW! I HOPE THIS SEASON IS BETTER THAN THE LAST! I have heard mixed reports and forecasts... fingers crossed, snow dance in full effect and boards waxed!

Sam's picture
Sam posted 1 year ago

Mega jealous! Lets up mother nature keeps things cold and snowy. Keep up the sweet pow turns!

Jay's picture
Jay posted 1 year ago

When you going to open?

Hank B's picture
Hank B posted 1 year ago

Supprised its not in lcc.

Jethri's picture
Jethri posted 1 year ago

Dang I'm super jealous. I'm heading up to Alta Saturday, hopefully the snow will have not melted my then. Hopefully the snow will stick around in Park City too!

Apres Adam's picture
Apres Adam posted 1 year ago

That guy rips!

Melissa McGibbon's picture
Melissa McGibbon posted 1 year ago

Nice work Matt!

Powderhound Matt's picture
Powderhound Matt posted 1 year ago

Thanks Melissa !

Marco's picture
Marco posted 1 year ago

Counting the days to go to Utah!!

Powderhound Matt's picture
Powderhound Matt posted 1 year ago

As are we! Can't wait!

Charlie C's picture
Charlie C posted 1 year ago

Hurricane sandy come our way!

Somodon's picture
Somodon posted 1 year ago

Be careful what you wish for!

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