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It's snowing in Utah!

It's snowing in Utah! For those of you stuck in school, the office, the valley or maybe even the East Coast and have forgotten what snow looks like, here it is.  Hopefully it keeps dumping tonight and at this time tomorrow I'll have some video and photos of our first turns of the new season.




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Holly Gustafson posted 2 years ago


Daniel Fanning's picture
Daniel Fanning posted 2 years ago

Well..seeing that the Australian snow season came and went in about 2 seconds I am jealous and jonesing for some decent powder. Enjoy from way down in Oz.

peteyshead's picture
peteyshead posted 2 years ago

I am so stoked for the season - It's beautiful! It feels way too long since the sight of snow along wasatch front graced my beaming eyes.
Waking up this morning and looking out my window slapped a smile on my face I haven't seem to shake all day. :D
Snapped a few pictures earlier today from my bedroom window.

andrew's picture
andrew posted 2 years ago

yeah!! I thought it would never come!

andrew's picture
andrew posted 2 years ago

yeah!! I thought it would never come!

David Terrell's picture
David Terrell posted 2 years ago

Your video was awesome! Brought me some great joy as I get into my super hot, car sitting in the sun. Arkansas still thinks it is June right now.

Nathanial Rosenblum's picture
Nathanial Rosenblum posted 2 years ago

Wow! That video is awesome. It was great to see snow in Park City once again. I can't wait until ski season! If only ski season would come a little faster...

Tommy Halsey's picture
Tommy Halsey posted 2 years ago

I can't wait for winter, I am so excited and want to ski so bad. I LOVE SNOW!

Tommy S's picture
Tommy S posted 2 years ago

So i will be working in the Little Cottonwood Canyon this upcoming ski season. I recently bought a pair of K2 Hellbent's, season pass to Alta, and a season pass to Snowbird...Yeah I am super Stoked

Keith Altamirano's picture
Keith Altamirano posted 2 years ago

Yep Flyingin on the 18th thru the 25th, I was starting to get nervous.... Sleeping a little better forecast is looking legit for opening day. Any ideas staying at park city resort... thinking that and maybe a day at alta? From Portland, OR.....First time coming to utah,,, the mothership of powder.

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