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Local Ladies Charge Snowbasin!

When I first moved out to Utah some 5 years ago, I was in a
race to ski as many Utah resorts as possible.  I wanted to see and ski everything in the state, so it
really surprised me when I discover that many Utah locals haven’t skied nearly
the amount of resorts that I have. It’s kind of like when you live in New York
and you never do all those things that the tourists flock to the city for. I never
made it to the museums, you couldn’t pay me to go to the top of the Empire
State building, and I would avoid Time Square like it was the plague. A
Broadway show...forget about it!  
During the summer months we’d only go to Point Lookout Beach Club but
nowhere else, even though Long Island has almost 120 miles of ocean beaches.
Maybe its because people are creatures of habit, or maybe because when you grow
up in a certain area, you lose appreciation for the great things that
surround you. I’m not sure what it is. 

So when I got the invite from Snowbasin Resort to bring some
of my friends up to explore their mountain, I figured this would be the perfect
opportunity to show three born and raised Park City locals just what they have
been missing for all these years. 
It still blows my mind that none of these girls have skied this resort.
I mean, come on!: this place hosted the Olympic downhill! I’ve
driven over five and half hours
from Long Island just so I could stand at the top of Whiteface Mountain home of
the 1980 Olympics, Snowbasin is a mere stones throw away from our homes. It’s not like these girls don’t have skiing in their blood

Beth Anne Schlopy is one of our hostesses at Yuki Arashi
Sushi and her mom was an Olympic ski racer, her brother Alex has been in Teton
Gravity movies and is currently competing in the X-Games and the Dew Tour.

Haley Bardnt, another hostess of ours grew up skiing the
Canyons and Park City Mountain Resort and her Uncle runs the Wasatch
Powder Birds!

Julia Stephens, wife of one of our servers was a sponsored
ski racer!

Another thing these girls have in common, they kill it on skis.

Well today would be the day they got to go outside their Park City bubbles and find out just what else Utah has to offer.  Here is what they found…



So people, what have we learned here?  It’s time to get out of your comfort
zone.  Get out and explore the
mountains around us and be sure to check out Snowbasin, I’m not sure you people
realize just what you’re missing here. 
After a day like today, I’m pretty sure these three ladies will be back

On a side note, let’s say Snowbasin wasn’t even a ski
resort. I’d make the trip up there simply because of the food and the day
lodges.  The food here is so good,
it’s Deer Valley good, and for those of you who have eaten there you know the
kind of quality I’m talking about.


ODODUBL's picture
ODODUBL posted 3 years ago

Please tell everyone that my mountain sucks... I don't like to share it... Keep it a secret....

Yeti's picture
Yeti posted 3 years ago

Come on ODODUBL! You know the Basin has more than enough love to share.

Southernmost Slammer's picture
Southernmost Slammer posted 3 years ago

I am an Aspen/Snowmass die hard for 29 years running. Have never been to Park City, Deer Valley or Snowbasin. BUT looking forward to it next week BABY for my first visit...CAn't wait...Let it snow, let it snow...let it snow.

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