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Memorial Day 2011 - Thank you Snowbird!

While most folks spent the unofficial start to summer at the beach or at a backyard BBQ those of us who live in Utah got to do what we do best. SKI POWDER! 

As if the conditions at Snowbird weren't already fantastic Friday, Saturday and Sunday mother nature threw a knockout punch last night when she dumped more then a foot of new snow on Snowbird. Back on the first of spring, I posted a blog entitled "Spring you never had a chance", looks like I was right. Now if I could only convince Mother Nature to eliminate summer and send us right back to fall then I will truly believe I've died and gone to heaven. 

On this Memorial Day, I'd also like to give thanks to all of those who have paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives protecting us. Without you folks protecting us, days like this wouldn't be possible. Another big thanks for Snowbird Ski Patrol, you folks have really done an incredible job this season, thanks for keeping us safe! After 776" inches of snow I'm sure you guys are ready for a break.



Ben Fisher's picture
Ben Fisher posted 2 years ago

Great video! Still can't believe we are still getting this much snow here.

Alex Baller's picture
Alex Baller posted 2 years ago

I'm very jealous of the amount of snow you still have there! My skis have been in the basement for months already! Can't wait for next season though!

Matt Baydala Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt Baydala Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 2 years ago

Thanks Ben! Glad you enjoyed the video, it has been just an incredible winter.
Alex, you may have to take those skis out of storage, Snowbasin just announced that they are going to re-open for skiing next weekend! Time to make some summer turns.

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