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Ski Day 100 at Alta. But why day 101 meant so much more!

Ski Day 100 is usually a pretty big day for me. Crossing that milestone at Alta during a 12” snow storm. . . you really can’t ask for anything more.  While Saturday’s milestone was a big deal, the day after actually upstaged the big 100.  

Here's what happened, on day 101 my girlfriend Kim experienced her first real “Powder Day” and first day at Alta Ski Area. Here's how the day unfolded in Kim's words:

“20 days on snow. Not bad for my first year of skiing ever. 19 of those days... I spent in rental boots, on rental skis... because I just didn't know any better." She proclaimed.

Kim continued, "Then... 2 weeks ago, I got wise. I was tired of everyone telling me I was missing out on the "real experience of skiing" so I got into some new gear. I traded in the rentals for some Rossignol S3's (great all mountain skis... but also good for powder newbies like myself) and I paired them up with some new, perfectly fitted Lange boots from my buddy Dave at Sure Foot in Deer Valley. I was ready to rip... but this late in the season... I was sure I would have to wait till next year. Not so."

As a beginner... many people told me, "Oh, you want to stay in Park CIty. Don't go to Little Cottonwood, that terrain is too tough!" So, I trusted my friends and did what was safe. Until today.  

This weekend, Alta received a foot of new snow, and Powderhound Matt was determined to spend his time up in the "scary canyon." To my surprise... he actually invited me to go with him! To that, I recited the line I had heard so many times this year, "I can't go to Little Cottonwood, that terrain is too tough." He rolled his eyes, and told me to get dressed. 

All I can say about this day, is it was spectacular. Not only did I love my new gear, the conditions at Alta today were amazing... and not at all scary or intimidating. Of course, your surrounded by beautiful, and extreme terrain, but there was plenty of stuff for a beginner like me, and much of the powder was still untracked!

So of the 20 days I spent on mountains this year... the most amazing day... was my last.  I guess that's the perfect way to get me pumped for next season. Well played, Powderhound Matt... well played.”



Like I said earlier, day 100 was great, but day 101 stole the show. Being able to share my true passion for skiing powder felt incredible.  Not only seeing but feeling that excitement that someone gets the first time it all comes together, they let go of their fears and just have at it is incredible. Kim Fischer welcome to the Powder Posse! 


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Dane posted 12 months ago

That's awesome... I took my girlfriend to Mt. Bachelor this weekend and had her in her first pair of new boots and FINALLY on some decent skis... Rossi's 2014 Soul 7. And besides the vertigo and associated nausea that we suffered yesterday, I had a similar experience with her.... We both started skiing last season for the first time since our early teens (I was 13/14 then ... I'm 29 now), but I've skied a lot in the past two seasons and advanced rather quickly... Not quite a hundred days, but probably around 30 this year alone, many which were spent solo on mountains in my sales territory of MT and ID where I'd put in a full day with very little rest and until my legs could barely hold me up any longer. Anyways, when I take my girl up with me, I find she advances incredibly quick if I let her warmup a bit and then just make her follow me down the chutes or steeps or find a challenging but less dangerous path down. In my experience with her, and myself even, it's been all about learning the basics and then facing that fear and building the confidence to go steeper and faster until it comes naturally. That and having fun while finding a common interest in an amazing sport. Cheers.

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Mark posted 12 months ago


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