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Snowbird's Snow Cam is BACK!

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The Snowbird Snow Cam is back!

This morning I was going through my regular pre-dawn
winter routine: wake up at 5 a.m. and get the National Weather Service updated forecast.  Once I’ve calmed myself down and feel satisfied that all systems are a go for the current storm cycle, I go back to bed until
8:00 a.m.  When I finally get up for good,  I do it all again but this time I’ll
also check out all the local resort web cams now that the sun is up.  Ski Utah has a great link to see all
the web cams at once, so even if you don't live in Utah you can still see where it's dumping. 

By far my favorite camera is the 24-hour live feed
on top of the Gad 2 lift at 9,840 feet at Snowbird. Snowbird takes this
camera down in the summer months but it appears that they now have it up and
running, which is great news for all you Powderhounds out there.  This camera allows you to see how much snow has fallen over the last 24-hour period and the
best part is you can see the snow accumulating at night. Check it out
now, as you can see the first little part of this monster storm has shown up in the Wasatch. Let the flakes fly! 

Snowcam (snowcam_main)


Danny78's picture
Danny78 posted 3 years ago

Umm, it's called seasons. There are 4 of them. Fall, Winter, Spring and Fall.....
Kinda normal don't ya think?

Matt the Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt the Ultimate Powderhound posted 3 years ago

Danny78, if I had it my way it would be winter, winter, winter and winter.

PatrickM's picture
PatrickM posted 3 years ago

Snowcam is already showing close to 8". Weather service is calling for another 20"-30" and higher amounts in favored areas. Would not be surprised to see 40"-50" of snow in the cottonwoods! Sounds like a great way to lay down an early season base especially with another storm forecasted next weekend. I'm coming up for Thanksgiving week and already have high hopes for the best Thanksgiving week conditions in years!

Danny78's picture
Danny78 posted 3 years ago

Haha, yeah I didn't mean to sound snippy! Just not ready to snow blow the driveway if you know what I mean!

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