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This last storm was a bust! Really?

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  • A Bust of a Turn

This is why I live in Utah. The storm that came through last weekend was considered a "Bust". Even I said we didn't get enough snow. Sometimes I just need to shut my mouth and deal. God we are spoiled rotten out here. My good friend moved to Tahoe and told me it hasn't snowed since Christmas! Life is good, very good in Utah.


duff's picture
duff posted 1 year ago

planning a trip to PC with my daughter the end of march and I'm very nervous about the conditions. Would hate to drop all that cash for little snow. It appears that there has not been too much snow out there this season, so how does that bode for the spring season?

Matt Baydala's picture
Matt Baydala posted 1 year ago

Duff, the snow has actually been surprisingly good this year. Far, far better than last year. Snow in town (Park City) has been then but that's not a huge deal because we don't ski in town. The upper parts of the resort are doing fine. Also we currently have 3 storms lined up for this week. I'm sure you'll be fine for your trip. March is usually our snowiest month!

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Justin Dustin posted 1 year ago

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