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Utah 2012-2013 A Year in Rewind, so far...

I’ve had a blast skiing Powder in Utah this season. I’ve heard some rumbles here and there, folks saying that it just hasn’t really snowed all that much.  So I’ve decided to name my annual end of season ski movie, "Winter 2012-2013 - The Best Worst Season Ever!"  That right there is the real beauty of living in Utah. We have so many resorts so close together that when your favorite resort gets passed over by the snowfall Gods, the one three miles down the road may have gotten hammered. Four resorts in Utah have already crossed the 300” mark for the season and the rest of them are closing in fast.  

If you still don’t believe me, and you still think it hasn’t snowed, then watch my season in rewind so far and tell me I’m lying...

Also in weather news, there is good news on the horizon, both and are both really excited about the potential pattern shift for next week.  For now that’s all I’m going to say about that, as I don’t want to be the guy who jinxes it but let’s just say I have a feeling I’ll be adding a few more powder clips to next year's ski movie real soon.




Michael Bodo's picture
Michael Bodo posted 1 year ago

The problem with the ski season this year, as was the case last year, is that the majority of the snow's come late, with now being the best it's been all season. December and January were all but devoid of significant snow falls, which puts a damper on the rest of the season and you can never make up what you lose in December/January over February and March. I used to come to Park City in December to catch some early season skiing, but came to the realization a few years ago that you can't depend on there being significant snow for enough terrain to be open to make it worth my while to travel to Park City. As a result I've been going to Whistler instead where I can count on them being hammered early in the season. I realize no one has control over the weather, but it would be nice to have good skiing condition in December, as it sets the tone for the entire season.

bill the cornlicker's picture
bill the cornlicker posted 1 year ago

michael B, goin to park city is your first mistake. Park city (particularly the canyons, ah hem, excuse me Canyons) gets junk for snow, are east facing mountains, gets junk for snow, are over crowded, gets junk for snow, are over priced, oh yeah, and gets junk for snow. Try the cottonwoods for your powder hunger, even in drought years like this one where colorado resorts such as vail and breckinridge are struggling to get even 200 inches, the cottonwoods are still set to tip over 400 for the season. Same is true for eagle point down in the tushar mountains of southern utah. park city is much like aspen, or telluride etc, they may be found to be charming towns by pre adolescent girls and hipsters who just like to be able to brag back home to people about where they went for vacation, but there not much for "real" shredding. ANYWHERE else in utah is better than a country club on snow which is what PC is.

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Bagel Boy posted 1 year ago

The video plays backwards on my computer

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