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Utah Weather Update

Some people call it Sundance 2012, I'm calling it a Dump Fest! 

Weather models indicate that Utah's weather will go from high and dry to cool and damp, right as the Sundance Film Festival rolls into town. What does that mean for skiers on vacation in the Park City area?  Quite simply miles and miles of untracked powder, all to yourselves. Sundance is a huge tourist pull for Park City, but not for skiing. People spend all day locked up in movie theaters,  All the local rippers are either out partying their butts off or working two consecutive 120 hour work weeks.  Either way, if the current forecast were to verify, we will be talking about a whole different style of skiing in the Wasatch by the time Sundance is over. The return of the powder turns looks to be on track, with monster dumps and feet of snow before months end.  As is the case with any weather forecast, things change and they always do and I'd expect this forecast to change as well. That being said, I haven't felt this good about a storm system all season.  Too bad I wont be the one taking advantage of it.  You should though, I mean somebody has to do it when I'm not around, right?  Feel free to email me pictures at or post photos on my facebook wall at, Make me jealous! It may be the only thing that gets me through another Sundance


Mike's picture
Mike posted 2 years ago

Dude, I hope you are right and the storm cycle continues all through Feb. Why? because my buds and I will be skiing for 10 days beginning March 1st and have been a little worried about lack of coverage. Either way it's a win win for us as we live in middle Tennessee.

Michael Raemisch's picture
Michael Raemisch posted 2 years ago

My Super 7's are HUNGRY!!!!

Marko's picture
Marko posted 2 years ago

Bring on the snow!

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