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Weekly Condition and Weather Report

There hasn't been much to report as far as new snow goes in northern Utah lately, however southern Utah received two healthy doses of snow last week. [service]brian_head_resort[/service] is probably skiing best right now, with more than two feet of snow since last Wednesday. Up here in northern Utah, most resorts received anywhere from two to eight inches of snow since last week. This requires us Powderhounds to get out there and change it up a bit. The past few mornings I've been getting on the lifts early, 9am and just ripping up the groomers at Deer Valley. Early in the day the snow is super soft, all in part to Deer Vally's great grooming crew. Laying down some fun turns on corduroy is always fun, almost as fun as skiing powder. I just hope I don't have to invest in some carving skis soon. For now I'll stick to my powder boards and tempt the snow Gods to throw a good storm at us.

If skiing corduroy is your thing, I suggest you hit up Snowbasin and Deer Valley this week. Snowbasin has a great northeasterly exposure, this allows you to stay in the sun from about 9am until at least 1 pm. That's a serious advantage especially on these super cold mornings when temperatures hover just above the 0 degree mark. My other pick this week is Deer Valley, I've spent the past three mornings getting up early and skiing hard for a few hours. No one is on the hill at the moment, so it feels kind of special to have both these world class resorts all to yourself.

Looking ahead, it looks like high pressure is the rule of thumb for the entire country. No major storms are in the forecast for the foreseeable future. The only thing I can say is wear your sun block and do a little snow dance so we can push this high pressure off to our east. The weather pattern was hinting at changing just before Christmas but that is still a long way off and way too far out to get excited about now. As always, if things change I'll be sure to post in the comment section under the blog.

Pray for snow!


Oh and for all you racers out there, yes I know that was a poor excuse for a tuck in this video.  Cut me some slack...


Impressed's picture
Impressed posted 2 years ago

Matt that clip of you brushing off the DVR sticker then the Ski Utah sticker was sweet. Nice creative.

Matt Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 2 years ago

Hey thanks for the positive feedback! Much appreciated.

Mike S's picture
Mike S posted 2 years ago

Hi Matt,
What are the mtn conditions like in mid January at the resorts near Salt Lake? My brother and I were planning a trip out from Maryland for mid Jan this year but we see that some places have only received 20 inches mid Jan too early if we want the real Utah experience? Thanks!

lyssa's picture
lyssa posted 2 years ago

we're thinking about coming to park city for xmas/ the week after... they have 5 day passes at costco for park city resort and i wanted to know your thoughts about: will there be snow? do they manufacture enough snow to make a good ski day without natural snow?
thanks for your help!

Matt Baydala Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt Baydala Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 2 years ago

@ Mike S - Usually by mid January we are rocking and rolling in Utah. This year things have been slow though. The entire country is experiencing a snow drought. The best way to get the full on Utah experience is to wait for a good sized storm to be forecast then book your trip. I know that's easier said then done. At the moment we all have natural snow on the ground, and most resorts probably just need a solid 1-2 feet more to really get everything up and running. While nothing is in the forecast for the next ten days things can change very quickly here in Utah. Hopefully that answered your question. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at and hopefully I can point you in the right direction. Otherwise stay tuned to the Blog and as soon as I see some snow in the forecast I'll post about it.

Matt Baydala Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound's picture
Matt Baydala Ski Utah's Ultimate Powderhound posted 2 years ago

@ Lyssa - So to answer your question Park City absolutely makes enough snow to enjoy your day up on the hill. I'd suggest you ski the week after Christmas though. The 26-31 of December are very very busy. I think you and your family would have a far better time the first week of January. The longer you wait the better chances we have of getting some fore natural snow up there as well.

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