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New Ski-in Dining at Solitude is Elevated Comfort Food

  • Tasty corn dogs.
  • Honeycomb Fries are perfectly crisp.
  • A Utah classic: Navajo Tacos with Honeycomb's chicken chorizo chili.
  • Mac n' cheese with local Beehive Cheddar. Photo by Brian Thurber
  • Amazing Reuben. Photo by Brian Thurber

As soon as I heard the name Honeycomb Grill, my mouth began to water—not for food, not quite yet—but for the tasty chutes and tree-shrouded fall-lines in Honeycomb Canyon, Solitude Mountain Resort’s exhilarating, northeast-facing jumble of runs that is tauntingly off limits until a little later in the season. On this early December day, I thought I would have to “settle” for just eats at the resort’s new restaurant but after one look at the menu and a few first bites, I realized we had a new gem in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Filling the spacious dining room and cozy bar recently vacated by Kimi’s Bistro, the Honeycomb is a resort-operated restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located at the base village, it’s perfect for cruising in for a ski-in lunch or après-ski beverage and bite, which I have done many times in years past (I am excited for something new, yet I will miss Kimi’s hearty mushroom soup with lingonberries. It’s the Swede in me! Here’s the recipe so you can make it at home).

The menu at the Honeycomb is nothing less than a delight.  I only sampled lunch, yet I believe it was a thorough glimpse into the overall fare, a blend of elevated American street food, noshy classics and playful surprises. It’s a menu—and an environment—that is great for adults, kids and kids at heart. For appetizers, the house-battered mini corn dogs with a spicy mustard are super inviting, as are the Honeycomb Fries--basically waffle fries but they are SO good. Utah State Fair goers will appreciate the Honeycomb’s version of the Navajo taco, on a chewy, crispy fry bread, topped with the house chorizo and pulled chicken chili. Its smoky spice is balanced with cool chopped lettuce and Beehive cheese.

Every dish at Honeycomb is pleasingly upgraded. The Reuben is truly one of the best I’ve ever had, thanks to some magic dressing. The club sandwich’s wood oven-roasted turkey is delicious. The ultimate comfort food, mac n’ cheese, is somehow both light and hearty, with a creamy sauce of local Beehive Cheddar. It’s grown up, but any kid would chow down. The salmon Caesar was also great, an artful presentation with a perfectly cooked, nice proportion of fish. The most gorgeous number was the Black Angus burger on a pretzel roll. I love the whole idea and can’t wait for another.

After our long and pleasant lunch, my mouth is now watering for breakfast at the grill, this time followed by Honeycomb Canyon powder!


Jeffrey Wu's picture
Jeffrey Wu posted 1 year ago

Really surprised that anyone could think that Honeycomb Grill is anywhere near to on par with Kimi's Bistro. I had the NY strip steak for dinner, and it was literally one step below a hangar steak from Lean Cuisine, except it was $30 more.
I'm from Manhattan and I've had my share of great meals (e.g., Per Se, Bouley, etc.), and I would regularly visit Kimi's Bistro b/c the food was that good!!! Honeycomb Grill is a real disappointment. If I were Solitude, I'd beg Kimi to come back to Big Cottonwood Canyon, instead of where she moved.

MO-SKI's picture
MO-SKI posted 1 year ago

I don't think anyone was comparing the new place to Kimi's. I've been to Honeycomb a few times now and if you followed the rec's from the blog you wouldn't be disappointed. Sounds like you should have gone next door that evening.

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