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Backcountry at The Canyons

Today we headed to The Canyons for some backcountry Pow. We rode the
Flight of The Canyons gondola, Tombstone, and Ninety-Nine 90 on our way
over to Square Top. There were a few tracks already on it, but there
was still plenty of fresh snow. It was settled snow that had a wind
affected top layer. Once I dropped in it felt pretty creamy so I
started to open it up. Then for the third day in a row my boot got
loose in my binding and my ski got loose. A couple turns later it fell
off, and I fell. After that we cruised over to the Demo tents by the
Red Pine Lodge and got my binding fixed. I’m pretty sure my skis will
stay on now. Then we cruised back around for another lap. This time we
skied over to the Wall of Voodoo, skiers right of Square Top. We
scouted the cliff that we’ll hit after the next dump. Then dropped in
on some more Pow. After two good laps we cruised the groomers back down
to the base. There’s good snow out there, and once the next dump hits
huck season will open. Check out the video shot by Randy Reynolds.[youtube]2o4EKmTg9I4[/youtube]