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From First Tracks to Speed Flying at The Canyons


a small group of us, including former World Freestyle Aerial Champion
Trace Worthington, got an early start to check out the First Tracks
program at The Canyons. As the sun rose, we loaded the Flight of The
Canyons gondola at 7:15. My dad says the best part of the day is
watching the sunrise, but I always just took his word for it. I have
never skied this early, and I was surprised by how pretty it was at
that hour. I also liked that we had the mountain to ourselves. It was
fun cruising the freshly groomed corduroy knowing you could fly over a
knoll without anyone being on the other side. The early lift privileges
cost $100 which includes guides that take skiers on runs accessed by
the Tombstone, Peak 5 and Saddleback lifts. First Tracks operates on
Wednesdays and Saturdays. On a powder day that will get you fresh
tracks for two hours before anyone else gets there, so pray for snow on
Tuesday and Friday nights. The program also includes SWAG and a
breakfast buffet at Red Pine Lodge at mid-mountain when you are done.

our stomachs were full, we met up with speed flier Carson Kline. We
strapped on our beacons and headed over to Hanging Snowfield. Carson
made a few turns on snow before taking off and flying the rest of the
way. I could see his shadow above me as I skied below. After watching
him fly past me, I knew that this is something I need to start doing.
will be teaching me how to fly this winter. People who wish to try it
out can get in touch with him at Check out the two
videos (First Tracks above, Speed flyer below) shot by Randy Reynolds.


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