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Getting Back to the Pow at Brighton

  • Getting Back to the Pow at Brighton
  • Getting Back to the Pow at Brighton

After it dumped while I was gone for the second week in a row, I
knew I had to hurry back and ski some pow. So we cruised up Big
Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton to do just that. We started out with some
nice and soft tree bumps down Hard Coin. Then we decided to head over
to Great Western for some freshies. We hiked up from the top of Great
Western where we could see the town of Park City on our left and the
top of the Snowbird tram on the right. We took in the 360 degree view
for a couple of minutes before doing what we were there for. We dropped
in where there was not a single track in sight. The top was smooth and
wind affected. Then it rolled over into some really soft snow that was
protected from the wind. We skied the cream back down into Great
Western were we hit up some more Pow bumps. Then we skied some spaced
out fall line bumps off Snake Creek on our way to the terrain park. The
park had more features than I knew what to do with. They added quite a
bit since the last time I saw it. Then we grabbed a bite and headed
over to Millicent. From the chair we saw some kids looking at this
rock, so we decided to join them in checking it out. As we arrived, we
saw the first kid jump off into a Pow landing. Not needing anymore
information we sent it ourselves. Broege stomped his landing and then
ate it, but would later redeem himself. We cruised a couple more laps,
enjoying soft snow with plenty of features to play on. When I asked
Broege what to do next, he replied, “I don’t care as long as we huck
something.” We cruised around for one last lap. He skied off the rock
with speed and was able to hold on to his landing to redeem himself.
Pumping his fist celebrating he skied up to me and said, “On that note
I think we should call it day.” Check out the photos Aaron took.

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