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Brian Head Groms

Our next journey takes us to a little place called Brian Head Resort in Southern Utah. With over 400 inches of snow on average, 2 terrain parks, and some of the best tubing in the West, Brian Head really does offer something for everyone. 

Fun Fact: Brian Head's base elevation is 9,600 feet. That's the highest in Utah!

I ran into some of the local groms for a few laps around the park, and man, do they rip! I definitely plan on making a trip back this season, so stay tuned...

riders: Brock Butterfield, Josh Scheuerman, Alex Flory, Julian Dumlao, Dusty Hanna, Vinnie Fava, Pat Fava & Joey Fava (yes, all brothers!)


Patrick's picture
Patrick posted 2 years ago

haha worst scorpion in my life! 00.40!

ByStand'r's picture
ByStand'r posted 2 years ago

The Fava family rules. Nice work Papa Fava!

iwFWmbmNq's picture
iwFWmbmNq posted 2 years ago

Well maacadmia nuts, how about that.

Smith's picture
Smith posted 2 years ago

Nice job boys...your Auntie is proud!

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