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Canis Lupis 2012

  • i mean really stoked.
  • Josh making power moves through the start gate. Timing was official, lasers and everything. Just watch out for snowsnakes on the way down!
  • Robert Ho was going really fast. Josh had a respectable time as well. The fastest ski time was 15-20 seconds faster. Wowsers!
  • Trees were a popular theme throughout the course; over, under, in between. Best to wear a brain bucket.
  • The last stretch before the finish. Rather tame & majestic compared to the rest of the course.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect before dropping into Canis Lupis. I had watched a few videos online and heard about it from friends, but there was nothing to prepare me for the beast that is CANIS LUPIS.

Bummed you missed out?

The Gnu Guts & Glory Contest will be happening in Upper Canis on Sunday, March 17th. A jib session featuring hips, log rails and other natural features. Go to the event page for more details. Until next time.

Go fast & don't fall,

-Park Rat Tom

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