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Horsin' Around at Solitude

There was a time & place in history when terrain parks were nothing more than a tumbleweed skipping across the hot desert. By hook or crook, the cowboys managed to survive without a single jump, jib or stunt ditch. John & Pops remind us of how wild the West really was...and still is. 

riders: John Poulin, Nick Poplawski


Johnson Wayne's picture
Johnson Wayne posted 2 years ago

I like what you guys got going here, Thanks for Wed. grin

BKaiNYYZgNhxKOn's picture
BKaiNYYZgNhxKOn posted 2 years ago

Sharp thinking! Thanks for the asnewr.

al's picture
al posted 2 years ago

yeah! really makes me want to shred up there it looks deserted!

Roberto's picture
Roberto posted 2 years ago

You should be ashamed of yourself.

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