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Thirsty for snow?

It's the middle of summer, you've got to be thirsty for snow.
Here are highlights from last season that should satisfy the quench.




John Poulin, Tyler Blackburn, Aaron Fraher,
Torrey Lyons, Jeremy Tidwell, Parker Cross,
Devon King, Blake Geis, Ozzy Henning,
Alex Sherman, Matty Mo, KC Russell,
Blake Payne, Big Mike, Hamish Martin, Connor Gysin , Jeff Kramer

film & edit:
Tom Haraden

additional filming:
Tyler Blackburn, Alex Sherman, Harry Hagan,
Will Curchin, Mack Fisher, Tim Roberts, Cody Rosenthal

"RNR" by Merlin's Beard


Doug Rhalme's picture
Doug Rhalme posted 1 year ago

That video was so sweet, now I'm just more parched. Seems like it's a long way off before the snow flies.

JD's picture
JD posted 1 year ago

The Video was the answer to my snow ridden mind. I sit here looking at the fog in Cali and I can almost convince myself that its snow...until i step outside an its warm. I can't wait for this winter season to come! :] cheers!

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