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6th Grade Passport and Getting Ready

  • 6th Grade Passport and Getting Ready
  • 6th Grade Passport and Getting Ready
  • 6th Grade Passport and Getting Ready
  • 6th Grade Passport and Getting Ready

Hello again!  I’m Anna, one half of the PowderTwins who skied all 14 resorts in Utah last year and blogged about it on It was so awesome and I cannot wait for the new ski season to begin.  We’ll be using the 6th Grade Passport which gives kids a free pass to every resort in Utah. It’s so much fun and if you are a 5th or 6th grader you should definitely get one.  If you have any questions about it please ask me in the comments below.

 skis [fullsize.image 269x405]

Here’s a picture of my skis that have been hibernating in our garage all summer.  I know it’s almost time for them to wake up because we just went hiking at Sundance.  It’s one of our family traditions to go see all the colors and it’s way fun.  This year I went horseback riding with my cousin and Grandma from California.  They think we are all cowboys here in Utah, and I know they are really jealous of all our snow.  Our horses Peewee, Hawk and Grub took us to Stewart Falls which is a very cool waterfall. You can also take a 4 mile hike to see it.  I’d post a picture, but then you might not hike there to see it yourself.

 dscn0486 [fullsize.image 540x405]

While I went hiking, my twin brother Jacob went mountain biking on Sundance trails.  He likes to go really fast.  It’s like that when we ski too – I like to enjoy the beautiful trees and snow while Jacob likes to race down the mountain.  Just talking about this is making me excited for the snow to come!   I know it’s going to be a great year because Utah already received its first snow of the season. 


Kathy's picture
Kathy posted 1 year ago

I am looking forward to your blogs this year! Do you plan to ski all the resorts again?

Anna's picture
Anna posted 1 year ago

Well that is going to be a surprise. For you and for us. :-) We are going to ski as many as possible.

Mrs. Nevarez's picture
Mrs. Nevarez posted 1 year ago

I haven't had time to ski the slopes since I moved to Utah. I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful places to ski here!

Anna's picture
Anna posted 1 year ago

Mrs. Nevarez -
Well that settles it then -- I am taking you out of school to go skiing!

Skiorganizers's picture
Skiorganizers posted 1 year ago

Great! We are all excited for winter!

Terri Francis's picture
Terri Francis posted 1 year ago

WE are all excited for winter, everyone in my class is looking forward to skiing with you at Sundance :)

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