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Are you the next Ski Utah Foodie blogger?

  • Are you the next Ski Utah Foodie blogger?
  • Are you the next Ski Utah Foodie blogger?

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Utah is known for its legendary ski terrain and The Greatest Snow on Earth® and now it is time for the world to discover Utah’s delicious epicurean fare.  Are you just as inspired by the food that fuels you as the snow you ski? Is your mouth already watering? Foodies, it is time to raise your glass and bring forward that refined palate and apply for Ski Utah’s Foodie blogger position.

How to apply:
Please submit, in the comment section of this blog, no more than 200 words describing why you should be the Ski Utah Foodie blogger! Applications are due no later than midnight, October 10, 2012. Social media savvy, strong writing skills and a passion for food are a must.

How finalists are chosen:
Three finalists, selected by a Ski Utah panel will receive an interview over lunch. Panel will heavily weigh candidate’s social media influence, writing style and the ability to relate to a targeted audience of female skiers/snowboarders, 45-60 years old.

Job duties:
Produce one blog post per week from October 24, 2012 – April 15, 2013.
Have a refined palate, as food is your passion.
Must relate to a targeted audience of 45-60 year old women.
Have a strong social media influence.  
Be willing to cover the state in search of good eats.

Ski Utah’s Foodie blogger will receive a Ski Utah Silver Pass in exchange for keeping the world's appetite for The Greatest Snow on Earth® at an all-time high. The Silver Pass enables the blogger to ski 30 days at all 14 Utah ski resorts and has a $2,700 value! The Ski Utah Foodie’s blog will be seen by the world and will receive a first-class introduction to Utah’s maturing food scene both on, and off the snow.


Pamela O.'s picture
Pamela O. posted 1 year ago

To convey a passion for any pursuit, whether it’s to satisfy a craving for endless bowls of belly-deep powder or salty-savory phở, it takes the ability to convince the reader that she, too, MUST re-live your experience. For this, one needs a knowledgeable but wide-eyed appreciation for each delectable moment, each breathless surge down a chute, each perfectly-constructed bite.
I am a forty-one-year-old Utah native who learned to ski a mere four years ago and is now unstoppable! I’ll bring readers the enthusiastic giddiness of a newbie, someone who’ll share the delight of a perfect day: enjoying Utah’s winter playground punctuated with forays into its best restaurants. I’m a freelance writer, former dining guide editor and food lover. From the producers of Beehive Cheese to the chefs who feature it, I want to know about them. From a posh mid-run snack at Stein’s of mussels and Prosecco to an end-of-day dive into the dim heaven of The Shooting Star Saloon for the world’s best brat burger, I’ll cover the gamut.
I don’t have my own blog (leaving me plenty of time for Ski Utah’s!), but I’m a savvy, frequent user of social media. I’m productive, professional and would love this job!

David Hackbartg's picture
David Hackbartg posted 1 year ago

Pam's writing is totally inspiring and engages ALL the senses based on her recent review.
Ski Utah ........Hire her as your foodie blogger !!!
You will be very happy! She will help you engage more readers.

Gina Woodward's picture
Gina Woodward posted 1 year ago

'Skiing is a pastime, not a sport.' Oh so graciously the Europeans have summed it up to ensure that perfect balance of skiing to dining venues is achieved. It's part of your snow vacation to make sure that throughout each moment, you make time for your tastebuds to have a sensory overload, not just your other senses that are revelling in the sights, sounds and experience of being in snow. From delectable skier buffets and the best chilli served in an on-mountain cabin, to the delights of awarded chef's fare and experience laden dining in a sleigh, Utah certainly can satisfy the senses of all its visitors - day and night, food and wine, snow and sun. Enjoy the experience!

Jennifer Foote's picture
Jennifer Foote posted 1 year ago

As a native of Utah, I have been an avid skier for more than 40 years. I have had the pleasure of skiing most of Utah’s resorts while enjoying the many restaurants and cuisines they have to offer. I understand your target audience, because I am that target audience. As a 48 year old wife and mother, skiing is all about making memories with friends and family. A memorable day on the slopes encompasses not only great snow, and terrain, but good food and drink. A meal during or after the ski day is a time to reflect on the awesome experience of skiing in Utah. Good skiing and food make me happy, and if I am happy those around me are happy!
I have 25 years of public relations and writing experience. In addition, I am a personal trainer at Age Performance in Salt Lake City which focuses on the 50+ crowd. In fact, we offer a winter conditioning class specifically for Baby Boomers. All this experience means lots of contacts in the ski industry, food industry, and fitness industry. I am excited about the prospect of becoming Ski Utah’s next “Foodie Blogger”.

Jesseca's picture
Jesseca posted 1 year ago

This opportunity is screaming my name. Why? Well, I've been a food blogger for just over three years. Writing about the great recipes and local cuisine I find is not only a passion, but my life. I grew up in sunny southern California and moved to this snowy state five years ago to change things up, and try my hand at skiing. Coming to Utah has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only did I meet my husband, and start a family, but I was given the amazing opportunity to start writing for Rhodes Rolls as well as King Arthur Flour creating recipes that help inspire people to use their brands. Everyone knows that Utah is known for its amazing powder. I would love to let them know about the great eats that await them after they've hit the slopes and worked up an appetite! (This may be a duplicate comment. Can't seem to find the last one)

Jolene Aubel's picture
Jolene Aubel posted 1 year ago

As a 24-year resident of Park City, I am your demographic spot on. A graduate of Toscana Saporita Cooking School in Italy and a background in journalism along with national/international ski event management experience, my Utah skiing adventure began back in 1988.
As a daughter of former restaurant owners, being around amazing food was a part of my everyday life. I search for it and then tell my friends about it. Out of town guests, locals, family and friends are always asking me where do I go for great eats.
Currently, I have enjoyed helping a startup Utah 4 Kids in their quest for social media and sharing their message of helping kids across the state with creative fun.
I want to share with the Ski readers the best of what our culinary champion restaurants, diners and markets have to offer from a killer burger on a sunny afternoon on the deck at Royal Street Café to the Thanksgiving family style dinner at Boulder Hell’s Backbone Grill. I am all about ferreting out the ultimate dining and flavor experience for readers.

Ski Utah Yeti's picture
Ski Utah Yeti posted 1 year ago

Wow, what an incredible cast of applications thus far. Without question, foodies are a passionate group of people. Just wanted to remind everyone that applications MUST be submitted tonight by Midnight MST to be considered for this position. Cheers - The Yeti

Geese2Grease's picture
Geese2Grease posted 1 year ago

A mother/son blogging team, our tastes ranges from foie gras to bear claw. We are new to PC and can offer a fresh perspective to the culinary cuisine scene. We’ve eaten our way through the U.S. & Europe: SFO, LAX, PDX, MXP, VCE, AMS, ATH, etc…. Addicted to Bourdain, Flay, Ray, Fieri & Dean on TV. Mom is your demographic, a food guru, with degrees in eating and entertaining Son is a chip off the old block, a young, hip food adventurer. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Your readers will enjoy our quirky escapades as we discover the Geese2Grease of PC.

Mary Beth Maziarz's picture
Mary Beth Maziarz posted 1 year ago

Foodies and skiers/snowboarders share two amazing traits: the intrepid spirit of adventure and a devotion for finding exhilarating sensory experiences. Now lovers of mountain sports AND fantastic food will find their passions of adrenaline and appetite together at last.
I can help. I’ve been an enthusiastic diner, skier, musician, and writer in Park City for 19 years now. I wrote a book (“Kick-Ass Creativity”) and am a contributor for great national sites like HuffPost, OpenSalon, and Reader's Digest, with a predominant readership of women, 45-60. As the usual restaurant-picker in my crowd, I also share this demographic’s devotion to researching ‘just the right spot’ for everything from casual lunches to super splurgeworthy slopeside dinners.
And why not? Pairing extraordinary food, drinks, and Utah snow is a powderkeg experience! Amazing dishes stay with you: velvety sweet corn flan wrapped in eggplant at Deer Valley’s Mariposa, bacon marmalade bruschetta at Metropolitan (RIP), macadamia-encrusted halibut at The Riverhorse, the perfect après-ski garlicburger at The Cotton Bottom. YOU know. You’ve been there. Or you HAVEN’T. In which case, we’ll help you find your own foodie-snow nirvana.
Lastly, my photographer husband Mark Maziarz is (ridiculously) good at capturing killer ambiance and mouth-watering food.

Schmoopers's picture
Schmoopers posted 1 year ago

Eating is a sensual activity. At least it should be. When we sit down to the table we seek not just divine flavor or sumptuous texture but an experience that will feed all of the senses.
Time spent outside in communion with the mountains naturally brings us in touch with our own sense doorways. We snap into boots and the sound returns to us a rush of excited anticipation. We inhale the crispness of the pine, of high clean air and our muscles relax into a smile. And chances are, as we brace against the wind for the last run of the day, we are already plotting our descent into the pleasure and comfort of our favorite après-ski spot.
Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.
Is food then the answer to all that ails us?
I’ve seen the fireplace in the Owl Bar and a dark microbrew cure a few things. A glass of Willamette Pinot and fresh fish on Main Street can heal a few others. I would be thrilled to share my food expertise and passion for striking the healthy-happy balance with Ski Utah readers.
Bio: Social-media-savvy is my day job.

Marshall McGonegal's picture
Marshall McGonegal posted 1 year ago

Hey Ski Utah! Remember me? I'm the one who flooded your Facebook wall and then brought your page over 300 new likes within an hour last year! I have come back to tell you why I am the perfect candidate to be the Ski Utah Foodie blogger! I would fit the job just right because I know Utah better than anyone! I know everything food wise from fine cuisine to cheep great food that's just right off the hill! I would reach out perfectly to woman of 45-60 young years of age, because I am young enough to tell them the hot places that their kids and the whole family would love, but I am also old enough to tell them what is really good for when they get some time the adults. Being a long time local, I will be able to tell them and everyone about Utah's best kept dinning secrets along with great places to go to save money for day's on hill when 10 dollar lodge burgers are not quite in the budget for a ski trip in this tough economy. Being a social media giant, a well explored local, and a great writer, the choice is obvious! I AM THE SKI UTAH FOODIE BLOGGER!

Mary Hanz's picture
Mary Hanz posted 1 year ago

My greatest loves are skiing, food and Utah. How better to combine these, than to be the next Ski Utah Foodie Blogger!
I have skied most of my life. There is no greater feeling than having the first run through Utah's finest Champagne Powder.
Through the past 40 years, I have developed a great love of food. My knowledge began as a Foreign Exchange Student in College in Germany. My host Mother ran a French Cooking School. In her home, I learned to cook, serve and the greatest knowledge was to be able to analyze any recipe. I further developed my great love of food and wine in Europe.
In the following years, I collected a library of cookbooks. I attended many cooking classes given by famous chefs and participated in World Class Wine Tastings. I further developed my knowledge of great restaurants while flying for an airline. I was the go to person to ask where to eat anywhere we flew.
Living in Utah the past few years has brought all my loves together. Great Food, Great Mountains and the Greatest Snow in the World!

Ski Utah Yeti's picture
Ski Utah Yeti posted 1 year ago

An amazing group of talented writers and foodies have definitely stepped forward. Thanks for your application. My team is closely evaluating applications and will announce three finalists (on this blog) next Wednesday at noon. Thanks

Janice Nelson's picture
Janice Nelson posted 1 year ago

"People who love to eat are always the best people." – Julia Child

Ski Utah Yeti's picture
Ski Utah Yeti posted 1 year ago

The applicant pool was so talented that I'm pleased to announce that there are four (not three) foodie finalists. The finalists in no certain order are:
Pamela O, Kelly Fisher, Mountain Mama Cooks and Matt Gibson. After reviewing applicants' previous writing experience, social media presence and the application itself these four candidates rose to the top. Please help me in congratulating each finalist.

Ski Utah Yeti's picture
Ski Utah Yeti posted 1 year ago

After all the foodie ballots were collected I'm pleased to announce that. . . . . Pamela O is the Ski Utah Foodie. Pamela brings an elegant writing style forward, tremendous food knowledge as well as a strong following whom respect her culinary opinion. This decision of course was difficult and I want to thank all applicants who applied. Now, let's bring on more snow and good times around the table!

Heather King's picture
Heather King posted 1 year ago

Pamela is an amazing choice!

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