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Babes in the Backcountry

  • Girl Backcountry Skiing
  • Girl Backcountry Skiing

More and more women are venturing into the backcountry for fresh air and turns. She Jumps and the Utah Avalanche Center are teaming up to make sure they do it safely. But as any outdoors woman can attest, surviving the wilderness is just as much about executing independence as it is about communing with nature. Back by popular demand this women's only beacon clinic provides a safe, supportive, FREE and fun atmosphere for women to hone in their skills and brush up for the backcountry.

Field Session:  Monday, December 5th 2011 - 8:30am-11:30am @ Albion Base at Alta

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The Beacon Clinic is designed for all ability levels to get out on the snow and practice using your beacon. Even if you spend every day in the backcountry or are just starting out knowing how to use your beacon is the most important skill to have when it comes to avalanche rescue.
Beacon Clinic is a 3 hour session that will start inside to go over basics of using a beacon. Then move outside for the on-snow field time. During the field session we will be located at the Albion base near the rope-tow. It is okay to be just in boots for the on-snow session. Because Alta is a skier only resort, please don't bring your snowboard, but you can still come to practice on foot. If you have an Alta pass you can ride the lift with an instructor who will focus on on-snow/on-mountain scenarios. Please feel free to bring your skis even if you stay at the base to practice so that you can get the feeling of moving around on your skis during a rescue scenario.

The course is led by Evelyn Lees, a long-term U.S. Forest Service Utah Avalanche Center Forecaster and mountain guide.  Evelyn will be supported by a team of women, all avalanche professionals, leading smaller field day groups. Student/Instructor ratios will be kept as low as possible to allow students to ask questions and get personal attention.


Jenni's picture
Jenni posted 2 years ago

Is this already full? The link to sign up didn't work.

Yeti's picture
Yeti posted 2 years ago

Hi Jenni-
Not sure what happened to that link, but I am looking into it. Feel free to friend the SJGirafficorn on Facebook as well. They are coordinating the event.

heather bowes's picture
heather bowes posted 2 years ago

Bummer, why is it I see these sort of things the DAY AFTER they happen?! Hope it was great and I catch you all next time around!

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