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Bagel boy wins Chile trip

  • Bagel boy wins Chile trip
  • Bagel boy wins Chile trip

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“I’ve never won anything in my entire life” proclaimed Ski Utah’s Endless Winter Sweepstake’s winner, Adam Fehr.  An avid skier, Adam who owns Park City Bread and Bagel company, is headed to ski La Parva, Chile this summer.  And Adam won’t be skiing pow in Chile this summer (winter) by himself, as he is able to invite a guest as well.  Adam said that he has “never been more popular” as locals in Park City and strangers on the internet have proposed multiple times over that he needs to look no further for his +1.  In Adam’s mind the decision was quite easy, as he plans to take his girlfriend Liz.  

Meet Adam, a dude from Park City, Utah who happens to love to ski and who just happened to hit a streak of tremendous fortune last Friday when the Ski Utah Yeti declared Adam bound for Chile.

While the rest of us are surviving through the summer heat, let’s just trust that Adam will take the liberty to grab a few powder turns in August.  Congrats to Adam and always know that the Ski Utah Yeti has many more epic contests planned.  Your opinion counts, what contests should the Yeti offer next season?


PowderQuest's picture
PowderQuest posted 1 year ago

Congrats Adam, La Parva has some great terrain, especially if you are into hiking for some backcountry turns. They are already getting snow, so hopefully it will be a good year for powder.
Bring bagels! The ones in Chile are pretty beat.

Bagel Boy's picture
Bagel Boy posted 1 year ago

We'll definitely be bringing some backountry gear with us. Any hikes you'd recommend?

Bagel Boy's picture
Bagel Boy posted 1 year ago

At the airport on our way to Santiago and La Parva. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime! Ski Utah rocks!

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