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He's 95 and skiing!

  • George Jedenoff
  • George Jedenoff
  • George Jedenoff
  • George Jedenoff

By Harriet Wallis, the geezer gal:

For George Jedenoff, 95, skiing is a way of life. You’ll find him skiing Alta’s slopes every day when he’s in Utah, and he still has a knack for finding untracked powder days after a storm. What’s more, he holds a Lifetime Season Pass to Alta – and he’s still using it.

George was transferred to Utah in 1960 to be the general manager of the Geneva Steel Plant. He was athletic and he thought he should take up skiing. He learned from the best: Alta’s legendary Alf Engen, Snowbird’s iconic Junior Bonous, and Earl Miller, the granddaddy of release bindings.

 “While buying my first pair of skis in Orem, I ran into Earl Miller who offered to teach me how to ski. Of course I used Miller bindings – the only safe bindings available at that time. We used the rope tow at Alta Lodge for my first lesson.”

Miller demonstrated how his bindings released by showing photos of himself making some sensational falls, George said. One day he paid me quite a compliment. He said: “You know, George, you have made some falls that I have never seen before!”

He grew to love Alta’s powder skiing with and without falls.

When he was transferred to Indiana in 1967, community leaders honored him with a gift to lure him back.

 “For my community service in Utah, I was honored by KSL Radio and Eldon Tanner of the LDS Church. They presented me with a Lifetime Season Pass to Alta.,” George said. “I have made good use of this wonderful present.”

But how does a 95 year old stay in shape? He has five fitness machines in his home’s basement and he works out every morning before breakfast. He’s motivated by his love of skiing.

“I know I’ve got to stay in shape or I won’t be able to ski,” he says.

He’s the oldest skiing member among Alta’s Wild Old Bunch, the group of senior skiers that enjoys skiing and socializing together.

Here's recent footage of George doing what he does best in his debut ski film, Forever Young!


Matt Baydala's picture
Matt Baydala posted 1 year ago

This guy rocks! If I'm skiing at 95, there will be no happier man on this planet!

Kimble's picture
Kimble posted 1 year ago

I was a photographer a few seasons ago at the Bird and I remember seeing a 50 year old huck a 50' cliff and stomped the landing. If I can shred at 50 I would be stoked. This guy, at 95, is awesome!

Galen's picture
Galen posted 1 year ago

Great piece. Several years ago George was looking for Volant Chubs, which were no longer made or sold in the US. I noticed a dusty pair at a ski shop in VA. George was contacted, probably through Ray, and he bought them site unseen and arranged for shipment to CA.

Walter Andersook's picture
Walter Andersook posted 1 year ago

Love these stories about older skiers.

geoffrey s wasson's picture
geoffrey s wasson posted 1 year ago

Makin' Turns keeps the heart turning as well

Marie Minnick's picture
Marie Minnick posted 1 year ago

We are going to be 70 next year and are looking forward to skiing into our 90's too! Thanks for sharing this story. We "old" NOT! folks need encouragement.

Gretchen R. Besser's picture
Gretchen R. Besser posted 1 year ago

This is an impressive and heartwarming story which I plan to share with my Dawn Patrol friends at Stowe, VT who range in age from 64 to 84. I agree there's no better place to start the day than on the ski slope.

Donald Fones's picture
Donald Fones posted 1 year ago

I ski with George at Lake Tahoe and golf with him at Claremont CC. I am 70 and can just keep up with him. He is a remarkable man and his attitude is always positive. You are lucky if you know George Jedenoff. Don Fones, MD.

Tom & Marie's picture
Tom & Marie posted 1 year ago

We have met George while skiing at Alta - a real gentleman as well as a great inspiration to us younger (80 year old)skiers.

Peggy's picture
Peggy posted 1 year ago

George is an inspiration to all of us. I hope I will be so lucky to be able to ski at that age.

Kathy Miner's picture
Kathy Miner posted 1 year ago

Great story. Amazing Man!
Thanks for stories on "Seasoned Skiers".

Sammy's picture
Sammy posted 1 year ago

Stories like this are inspirational! They break down stereotypes of what aging really is and remove artificial limitations. When I see or read about skiers and boarders older than me, I can see myself enjoying the sport for decades to come! Thanks for the inspiration. Many ages. Many abilities. One love!

Robert Miner's picture
Robert Miner posted 1 year ago

I'll be happy to just be alive 24 years from now.

Nancy's picture
Nancy posted 1 year ago

Skiing Geezer ROCKS! No reason to quit anything that is so much fun!

Pablo Jablonski's picture
Pablo Jablonski posted 1 year ago

Great skiing and great man.It's a privilege to know George and share his company.

Tom Hubbs's picture
Tom Hubbs posted 1 year ago

That's terrific! And he's making great turns in the video clip. I'm one of those Dawn Patrollers at Stowe Gretchen Besser referred to, and looking forward to carrying on the tradition George embodies for all of us. Way to go, George!

Janet Powers's picture
Janet Powers posted 1 year ago

What a great story! I'm 73 and swimming every day. Life isn't over for a lot of us who keep in shape and want to stay active. Keep up the senior news -- there are a lot of us out here!

Karen's picture
Karen posted 1 year ago

Love it! That will be my father in another 20 years. Will share this video with him. The man is looking good- skiing keeps you young :)

Ralph's picture
Ralph posted 1 year ago

Way to go, George, nice turns. I'm 82, with a replaced hip, and due for a new knee in two weeks. Meanwhile, I ski 50+ days a season, at Stowe and Alta, and I teach skiing at Hunter. Fell on the Starr at Stowe 6 weeks ago and broke four ribs. I'm never happier than when I'm skiing. Except perhaps when I pick up my free lift ticket at Alta.

Stuart Manson's picture
Stuart Manson posted 1 year ago

Yes, inspirational article indeed. Just goes to show there is life in we pensioners yet. I did an 'Ironman' for charity for my 70th birthday and went heli skiing to Revelstoke and Kicking Horse in Canada last year at 73 - but have a long way to go to match George.

Greg Black's picture
Greg Black posted 1 year ago

George has been a guest and a good friend for over 30 yrs. He and his family have done business with Sport Stalker/Christy Sports for much of that time. He was just here at Snowbird skiing, and looks great. We should all be inspired by his physical ability and his incredible spirit.

Robert's picture
Robert posted 1 year ago

Inspiring . . . "You don't quit skiing when you get old, you get old when you quit skiing." (from an old Snowbasin t-shirt)

LANCE's picture
LANCE posted 1 year ago

George is an inspiration. I sure hope I'm skiing at 95! Keep on those sticks George!

Daniel Marc Eiten's picture
Daniel Marc Eiten posted 1 year ago

Truly an awesome an inspirational man. I LOVE THIS STORY. Thank you George Jedenoff for being you.

Cathi Webb's picture
Cathi Webb posted 1 year ago

My dad, Hal Gunn, was about your age and skied at Alta with Alf and used Miller bindings. A childhood friend said that if it snowed he would know Hal would not be in school the next day. He has passed his love of skiing on to me and I am passing it on to my kids and grandkids. It is so great to be out in the mountains!

Earl MacIntyre's picture
Earl MacIntyre posted 1 year ago

Hello George. Now I know why you did'nt attend the last Survivors Luncheon You would rather show off your talents on the slopes of Utah.

Ralph's picture
Ralph posted 1 year ago

Survivors of what?

Stephanie Billett's picture
Stephanie Billett posted 1 year ago

So proud to be able to call this man my Grandpa. Such an inspiration to me and my family.
I love you!

Robert McDonald's picture
Robert McDonald posted 1 year ago

Mr. Jedenoff is amazing skiing well at 95. And I thought I was an the old geezer at my ski area at 76. I probably wont even make it to 95.

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