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Hearty Soups and Spicy Dishes Make for Fall-Worthy Warmers at Plum Alley.

  • Bee Sting Honey house-made ice cream
  • Savory, rich P.A. Ramen
  • Plum Alley's famous fish
  • The Special's board, including featured whiskey
  • Zucchini in chili garlic sauce

•Note, this blog post is written by guest blogger, Pamela Olson, who is a finalist for the Ski Utah Foodie blogger position. Comment, engage and share this post. The Ski Utah Foodie Blogger will be announced here, this upcoming Monday at noon.

In East Asian cultures, the plum carries much symbolism. The first to bloom while the winter air still bites, plum blossoms represent nature’s vigor. In art, the plum is considered one of the “three friends of winter” with pine and bamboo. Today, with the season’s first snow visible on the peaks (watch Powderhound Matt giddily slay new snow at Powder Mountain!), it seemed fitting for winter-loving friends to gather at Plum Alley, a dining hot spot in Salt Lake City.
Plum Alley is modern Asian-fusion, a sensory experience verging on overload.  The setting is vibrant yet coolly-subdued, the ceiling a carpet of glowing lanterns while a painting of a gaping fish covers the roll-up garage wall. Aromas of sesame, rich meats and roasting peppers simmer in the air. Simple crates of chopsticks and sauces as well as the concise menu and snappy service make Plum Alley inviting and accessible.

With seven of us sharing family style, we sampled much of Chef Jamison Frank’s offerings but for me, it all comes down to the P.A. Ramen. The broth is reduced for 20 hours before it’s loaded with pork belly, pulled pork, house-made noodles and poached egg. It’s complex comfort food perfect for an après ski dinner. That said, the delicious starter of zucchini tossed in a chili garlic sauce with mushrooms, crispy shallots and a fried egg was spicy and addicting. The House Noodles were rich with a sesame sauce, balanced with sautéed red peppers and eggplant and topped with cilantro. Rounding it off are house-made ice creams and an admirable selection of whiskeys, including a daily feature.

Local Knowledge:

* It’s popular. Arrive early and expect elbow-to-elbow seating at long tables. Dining next to strangers makes the experience jovial!

* Plum Alley is one of Bon Appetit’s Top 50 New Best New Restaurants.

*Plum Alley is the name of Salt Lake City’s old Chinatown.

Plum Alley

111 E. Broadway



Mandy Jeppsen's picture
Mandy Jeppsen posted 1 year ago

Mouth is watering now. Fly me to Utah for a taste!

James's picture
James posted 1 year ago


Mike G's picture
Mike G posted 1 year ago

Thanks for the review! We will be sure to add it to our list!

Alex's picture
Alex posted 1 year ago

We will have to check it out the next time we are in SLC

Marisa's picture
Marisa posted 1 year ago

Looking forward to our family in SLC bringing us to Plum Alley! Tantalizing description of balanced ingredients, absolutely mouth-watering. Also love Pam's addition of the plum's history of vigor. Can't wait to try it!

Jen's picture
Jen posted 1 year ago had me at pork belly! Sounds like a definite must stop next time we're in town. Thanks!

Randy's picture
Randy posted 1 year ago

"zucchine tossed in a chili garlic sauce" ..this sounds like it would be a great reward after a long day of skiing. Look forward to stopping by Plum Alley this winter (when visiting SLC).

FS66's picture
FS66 posted 1 year ago

I really enjoyed reading the symbolism regarding the plum. Very interesting. I’m a fan of the restaurant and of Pam’s writing!

George's picture
George posted 1 year ago

The description of the Ramen makes my mouth water, just the thing to warm my belly after a day of punishing the powder me thinks...and perhaps a whiskey or two...I'll be seeing you at Plum Alley!

Steve's picture
Steve posted 1 year ago

Will definitely be our next place to try! Sounds wonderful.

Teresa's picture
Teresa posted 1 year ago

Sounds heavenly! I can't wait to try it.

George's picture
George posted 1 year ago

Pam, your description of the Ramen makes my mouth water, just the thing to warm my belly after a day of punishing the powder...and perhaps a whiskey or two...I'll be seeing you at Plum Alley me thinks!

Mimi's picture
Mimi posted 1 year ago

UGH! I'm kicking myself for not going there when I was in town... when you said ramen, I didn't know you meant RAMEN! I can taste it now - the sweet, savory remorse!

Scott's picture
Scott posted 1 year ago

Thanks for the local tip - I'll be in town to try it next weekend, always looking for new places!

Kalli's picture
Kalli posted 1 year ago

Simply mouthwatering! I am so excited about these comfort dishes.
Sure to be a family favorite!

Cyd's picture
Cyd posted 1 year ago

This is an artistically written blog which makes me want to fly to Salt Lake City just to dine at Plum Alley. Why is this noteworthy? I live in Hawaii where Asian food is divine.

Quinn K's picture
Quinn K posted 1 year ago

I love reading reviews of great restaurants especially in such a descriptive way. I can almost smell the aroma of the restaurant! Great job PAM!!!

Andre's picture
Andre posted 1 year ago

Thanks Pam. Ill check out those places when in town next time!!

Julie's picture
Julie posted 1 year ago

Awesome blog! Can't wait to check it out next time we visit UT!

April's picture
April posted 1 year ago

Pam, we will check out those places when in town next time!!

RAO's picture
RAO posted 1 year ago

Sounds like Plum Alley is aptly named. This article really brings it to life, perfect for skiing foodies like me! I can hardly wait to taste the pork belly....

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