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It's a good day of skiing when. . .

You can can make fresh turns in the parking lot back to your car.

You hear avalanche bombs.

You don't even notice that your skis have no edges or wax.

The chairlift sounds like a concert crowd.

You meet two locals on the chairlift and it's the only day they've skied all year.

You hear this conversation in the lift line multiple times: "Are we waiting for them? Hell NO."

Your boss buys off on your "sick-day" call.

The snow is waste deep. 

You eat lunch on the lift. 

The video footage looks like this . . .

Many thanks to the 2+ feet of snow that fell last night which delivered endless faceshots and energy to the mountains.  Chime in, I dare you, what else takes place that signals a good day of skiing?


Barb's picture
Barb posted 2 years ago

I know my friends are having a blast in the new snow while I am at PT with my new ACL! Really, it's all good,,,kinda

Bro-bra's picture
Bro-bra posted 2 years ago

DUDE! so pumped, it dumped... and then some. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--------o_o----------000000000000000 U

Otis's picture
Otis posted 2 years ago

whether it's good or bad ski, you still enjoy it.

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