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Playboy Ranks Alta/Snowbird #1

As a good friend once said, "As any true skier knows, receiving the number one pick by Playboy magazine is, hands down, the most prestigious ranking you can receive."

Maybe that's not exactly the case, but it is pretty remarkable that the notoriously scandalous publication should decide to choose Alta and Snowbird in wholesome Utah as their number one ski destination pick. That said, Playboy credited Utah's easy access, feather-like snow and perfect mix of casual blue runs/steep black diamond terrain as the deciding factors for the acclaim. The magazine also suggested readers push their boundaries by embarking on an unforgettable day of heli-skiing with Wasatch Powderbird Guides. And, who doesn't want to top-off a perfect day of powder skiing with a refreshing brew in a cozy lodge while watching the sun set over majestic Mount Superior?

Next time someone asks me if you can get a drink in Utah, I think I'll reply, "Playboy seems to think so."

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Aleem's picture
Aleem posted 2 years ago

What is a "snow baller? Sounds like a negative sexual innuendo / gansta.

YGdJkUJfOZrudlqpy's picture
YGdJkUJfOZrudlqpy posted 2 years ago

Why do I botehr calling up people when I can just read this!

Jess's picture
Jess posted 2 years ago

I wondered about that as well, but I'm pretty the term will catch on.

Captain Ahab's picture
Captain Ahab posted 2 years ago

Do you know why pirates read Playboy? For the ARRRRRRRticles.

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