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Plum Alley's Stout & Pistachio

•Note, this blog post is written by guest blogger, Kelly Fisher, who is a finalist for the Ski Utah Foodie blogger position. Comment, engage and share this post. The Ski Utah Foodie Blogger will be announced here, this upcoming Monday at noon.

While more snow accumulated along the Wasatch, I enjoyed a lively conversation  today over communal lunch with Ski Utah folks and potential bloggers.  It can’t be emphasized often enough that a meal brings people together, but add passionate dialogue about both food and skiing?  Now we’re talking! Plum Alley is named after Salt Lake’s Chinatown District in the early 1900’s; I love a bit of Utah history thrown in the mix.  A meal at Plum Alley is a lot like going to the original Momofuku in the East Village where David Chang’s empire began, or one of Charles Phan’s Out the Door (OTD) outposts in San Francisco.  They were the trailblazers in amazing Asian food with hipster flair and reasonable prices, and we now can embrace the trend at Plum Alley.

The flavors at Plum Alley are bold, fresh and inspired, and the presentation is thoughtful. Our table was awash in color and texture. My favorite flavor stand-outs today were the cauliflower with sesame aioli and mustard greens, and the roasted butternut squash with brussels sprouts.  The pork buns, larb salad and ramen also consistently
deliver.  Plum Alley’s housemade ice creams are definitely worth tasting; the most original award goes to Stout & Pistachio. Aside from the food & the vibe, I would simplify the font on the menu; it’s a little too edgy for my eyes.

The buzz about the upcoming ski season?  LET IT SNOW!  We are all hungry for a day on the mountain: whether it’s hiking, opening day, soft groomers or sublime powder.  I am hungry for more details.  I want to know what you carry in your ski coat aside from the mobile phone and money (ME: Zotz, a hankie, powder cords and lip stuff).  I hope to share more of my Utah soon.


Kelley {mountain mama cooks}'s picture
Kelley {mountain mama cooks} posted 1 year ago

It was so great to meet you, Kelly! At the very least, I hope we can make some turns together this winter. Ps- in my pocket you'll always find sunscreen stick, a power bar and my Iphone!

Ken's picture
Ken posted 1 year ago

Wow, what a mouth watering description! As a big city foodie who frequents Momofuko, but yearns to be in Utah skiing as much as possible, I can't wait to combine my two passions this winter. Skiing and Pork Buns!!
Thank you, Kelly

virginia's picture
virginia posted 1 year ago

Food and skiing definitely go hand-in-hand, and there's so much to talk about -- in, around and beyond our amazing mountain resorts. A communal meal with passionate dialogue? Love it. "Amazing Asian food with hipster flair" in downtown SLC?-- also love. Good luck to you! You will do Ski Utah proud.

Virginia's picture
Virginia posted 1 year ago

sorry, I posted twice, you can take one down! Since the first one didn't show up, I did it again. oops.

Virginia Rainey's picture
Virginia Rainey posted 1 year ago

Food and skiing, and passionate dialogue about both, all in a communal setting in downtown SLC - love it. So much going on with food, chefs, and artisans in, around, and beyond Utah's many ski resorts, Kelly will do a great job telling the world all about it, from a savvy p.o.v. "Amazing Asian food with hipster flair and reasonable prices" - this is quotable!

John's picture
John posted 1 year ago

A mind full of history and a mouth full of savory, what could be better?

Louis's picture
Louis posted 1 year ago

Sign me up for some Stout & Pistachio Ice Cream I always love a daring combination - SO eager to try those pork buns and cauliflower ass well. Eager to read more about food around the valley soon...

Kris's picture
Kris posted 1 year ago

As a frequent Utah visitor and lover of all things "food", Kelly's detail had my mouth salivating. I love cauliflower and I love butternut squash. Those two together would make a most delightful meal. Plum Alley hear I come! Hope I get to read more from Kelly. Her blogs will make my visits occur at faster intervals.

Kris's picture
Kris posted 1 year ago

As a frequent visitor to Utah and a lover of all things "food", Kelly's blog left me salivating. Plum Alley her I come! Can't wait to read about the next restaurant I can't miss.

Scott's picture
Scott posted 1 year ago

Kelly's blog makes me want to visit Plum Alley tonight. Love the detail and who wants to miss "bold, fresh and inspired"? Not me. Can't wait for the next installment.

Annabel's picture
Annabel posted 1 year ago

Great blog post Kelly. We are big fans of Plum Alley. They make great vegetables - salads too. Looking forward to making some turns with you this winter!!

Omo's picture
Omo posted 1 year ago

Sounds delicious!

Susan's picture
Susan posted 1 year ago

Haven't been to Plum Alley in a while, sounds like it's time to head back. Thanks for the motivation, Kelly!

Tiffany's picture
Tiffany posted 1 year ago

My pocket always has little squares of Utah's own Amano chocolate. I will share if you find yourself in line with me! T

Mbartlett's picture
Mbartlett posted 1 year ago

After reading this, it's Definately on our to try list.

kris's picture
kris posted 1 year ago

Great blog Kelly! Want to go to Plum Alley RIGHT NOW. You are a perfect fit for this job! i will definitely pass on, and can't wait to read I know you certainly will be writing more.

Terrell Dougan's picture
Terrell Dougan posted 1 year ago

Loved the description, and will go again to Plum Alley. Thought some dishes too spicy, but maybe they can pull that down on request.
My parka pocket: Kleenex, Excedrin, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, First Aid Kit, flashlight, matches, flask of brandy. Other pocket: paperback, manicure kit, cell phone, credit card. One run is all anyone should have, and then lunch and relax by fire.

Amy's picture
Amy posted 1 year ago

Plum Alley is a favorite of ours, and Kelly, you remind me that it's been too long since our last visit. I'll be craving a steaming bowl of spicy veggies and a great beer until then.
I pulled my ski coat from the closet to face down yesterday's snow and found dog treats and baby wipes in the pockets -- hoping that coat gets more time on the slopes this year!

patty's picture
patty posted 1 year ago

Great blog Kelly! Don't miss the lacquered duck with warm kale salad - plum yum, as my girls say. ;)
Kelly Fisher as Ski Utah food blogger is pure GENIUS... I hope you get the blog!
In my pocket - lost keys (now found), double bubble, lip stuff, tissues & my Ski Utah pass... Let it snow!!!

Allison's picture
Allison posted 1 year ago

Kelly, you've made my choice for dinner tonight an easy one - Plum Alley here I come. Sounds amazing - I can't wait until dinner time. Nobody could make a marriage of skiing and food better than you! Your flare with food and powder make you the perfect choice for the Ski Utah blogger.

Barbara Algarin's picture
Barbara Algarin posted 1 year ago

Kelly, this is great! I am so hungry right now and stuck at work. Oh well, I can dream of Plum Alley apres ski.

Susie Amoss's picture
Susie Amoss posted 1 year ago

Kelly has a way of engaging all senses. She transports us to the ski and food scene of the moment, then delights us with her delicious descriptions ! With her layered expertise, I trust she will engage locals as well as lure those international ski enthusiasts who want the full-on experience. We need thoughtful and sophisticated writing - with an edge to it - she gets my vote !

Rob's picture
Rob posted 1 year ago

We've been huge fans of Plum Alley since it opened. We've also been huge fans of the after ski food and beverage. In reading your blog, it occurs to me that Plum Alley may be the ideal venue for this ritual. Amazing food, perfect ambience to talk up the day on the hill. Let it snow so we can test our theory over some curried beans.

Kym Buttschardt's picture
Kym Buttschardt posted 1 year ago

Because I have dined with Kelly at Momufuku and Out the Door, I HAVE to rally my posse and get down to Plum Alley. Right after we enjoy some turns in Utah's greatest snow on earth. And yes, it's true, Kelly is a hit on the gondola with Zotz, dark chocolate and fancy sunscreen. This future Ski Utah Foodie blogger knows her business! I can vouch!

Muffy's picture
Muffy posted 1 year ago

I did not know that the name Plum Alley was a reference to anything -- thank you so much for that bit of history! I have heard great things about this restaurant and will now put it on the top of my list. I have to agree with you about hard-to-read menus, though I realize I sound just like my dear grandmother ... :)

Muffy's picture
Muffy posted 1 year ago

I did not know that the name Plum Alley was a reference to anything -- thank you so much for that bit of history! I have heard great things about this restaurant and will now put it on the top of my list. I have to agree with you about hard-to-read menus, though I realize I sound just like my dear grandmother ... :)

Nancy's picture
Nancy posted 1 year ago

Love it... We are there! Thank you, can we go tonight ;-)

Mike Caldwell's picture
Mike Caldwell posted 1 year ago

Nice work Kelly! I can't wait to have a good guide for the Utah Culinary artists. Especially Ogden related!!

linda graves's picture
linda graves posted 1 year ago

I like Kelly's style of writing! I'm not a "foody" but this definetly makes me want to go to Plum Alley soon.
As far as food and skiing. No matter what the conditions on the mountain are, I love nothing more than being with a fun group of people after a day of skiing, having a drink and a really good meal that is combined with great conversation. Lets go:)

Mark's picture
Mark posted 1 year ago

Just returned from a walk on Monarch Beach(Calif), 77 degrees, 50 mile visibility and now Kelly reminds me of one of my favorite spots in Salt Lake. The dinner I will have, is now diminished by what could have been. Boo Kelly!
As to the pocket on my ski jacket, unknown, the jacket is in the closet in SLC, so maybe your number and an invitation for you, Ethan & the crew for a return to Plum Alley. :)

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